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Abraham - Director of the Teaching Mission (TM). He says, “Commanding officer is somewhat of a strong term made for mortal understanding. I co-command with my associates and fellow teachers. I receive my commands from Michael and I pass them to my associates and to you, my mortal students.”   He is the same Abraham mentioned in the Bible, a student of Machiventa Melchizedek during the Third Epochal Revelation to Urantia, giving him a unique perspective as a teacher. Along with Paramahansa Yogananda, they are among the few teachers known to have hailed from Urantia, our planet. Many of the things that we know about Abraham come from the Bible, is enhanced and made quite real because Abraham will talk about it. His authority is his experience. He has been the group teacher for Woods Cross, Utah since 1995; previous to that, he taught in New Zealand.

Andromadeus, Chief Most High
Andromadeus - Chief Most High: Most Highs - Three Vorondadek Sons are selected to rule over each Constellation for a set period of years. They also serve as the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator Son. They rule in the kingdoms of men as over-controllers of political evolution; they are occupied with groups, not individuals and foster the greatest good for the greatest number of people, without violating human free will.

Aronofal is a misnomer for all Melchizedeks who teach basic teaching mission lessons and the identity is based on Ron Besser's use of the Michael endowment of the Spirit of Truth as Ron used it to fuse with the Adjuster in his brain stem in December, 2014, on Christmas Day.  His work is so renown on high that the brain stem of the human Ron was targeted as the fusion episode so the human did not disappear in a "charriot of flames," as the Urantia Book describes concerning fusions of humans on Urantia when or if it happens.  Aronofal is the Michael adjustement so that other groups may use the Besser approach to Adjsuter fusion on Urantia and become useful to remain here in service to the Magisterial Sons and of other Orders.

Calafax is a Finaliter who has worked with Serara, the Magisterial Son in another superuniverse far away from Orvonton.  He belongs to the Urantia Finaliter Corp, and is assigend to the Magisterial Mission to help workers for these Missions to retain their health and to avoid hypertension and other health problems in a stressful situation the Magisterial Missions can be.

Charles - Mighty Messenger
Charles, a Mighty Messenger & Information Officer for the Magisterial Mission & Second Return

Daniel The Prophet of Old
The great prophet of the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews and the destruction of the first Temple speaks today through spiritually taught human transmitters.  He prophesized the appearance of Jesus to King Nebacanezzar in 606 BCE or so that the greatest prophet ever to come to earth would appear millennium in the future and after the fall of the King's empire.

Of the first order of Universe Aids, the Bright and Morning Stars, there is just one in each local universe, and he is the first-born of all creatures native to a local universe. The Bright and Morning Star of our universe is known as Gabriel of Salvington. He is the chief executive of all Nebadon, functioning as the personal representative of the Sovereign Son and as spokesman for his creative consort.

Jesus / Joshua ben Joseph - Jesus was born Aug. 21, 7 B.C. the first-born of 9 children. He was an exceptional child, very intelligent, well behaved, and was well liked by his peers and elders. He learned the carpentry trade from his father and became very skillful. Jesus was 14 when his father died, which forced him to assume the role of head of his household as the eldest, to become the sole supporter of his mother and 8 siblings. He took care of his family, seeing to the education of his brothers and sisters, and did not leave home to begin his ministry until he had trained his oldest brother, James, to assume the duties he had been carrying as head of the household. Jesus continued to earn and send money to his family, and with the marriage of James, Jesus returned home to train the next brother, Joseph, to head the household. Jesus was 24 before he was relatively free from his responsibilities to his family and could be away from home for longer periods of time, returning periodically to continue the training of his younger siblings.   At 27 years of age, Jesus was able to begin his intense preparation for his ministry, as he traveled and taught in Rome, Crete, Alexandria, Corinth, Athens, Antioch, the Caspian, and back to Jerusalem. Jesus was 31 when he ended the Lucifer Rebellion on Mt. Hermon, and later that year he presented himself to his cousin John for Baptism. Next came the choosing and training of his Apostles, and teaching as they traveled through Samaria, the Decapolis, Galilee, and Phoenicia, periodically going back to Jerusalem before the start of another tour. For five years they preached to the multitudes, leading up to the crucifixion on April 7, AD 30, at 36 years of age. Following his resurrection, Jesus made many appearances in his morontial form before bestowing his Spirit of Truth to all of humanity, as he had promised. His seventh and last bestowal finished, he was proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia, and Master Son and Sovereign of his local universe of Nebadon, by the Ancients of Days and by the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son.

Teacher:  Luminerion is the Chief of Seraphim on Urantia and is the third Supernaphim to have replaced the defaulting Chief of Seraphim to Lucifer over 250,00 years ago.  Luminerior is produced on Paradise by the Creative liaison of Master Spirit V and Master Spirit IV and together they produced many secondary Suprenaphim which actually came first before the primary Supernaphim which were not produced until there were ascenders coming up to Paradise from the worlds of the Superuniverses.  Luminarion consits of twelve grades of service and only one other Supernaphim on Urantia reaches that degree of service and that is Manotia, who now holds the rank of Superangel and is equivalent to a Tertiary Supernaphim of service on Pardise.  Luminerion holds two degrees in huuman activity, notable that which brought him to Urantia to succeed the defaulting Seraphim and then the work of the Master Spirits on Urantia to indulge them for the revelation of the Supreme which occurs shortly. 

Machiventa Melchizedek
Machiventa Melchizedek - A distinguished member of the order of Melchizedek. He is known in Urantian history as the a Sage of Salem. Machiventa came to Urantia and served 94 years in the flesh, working to prepare the way for Michael's bestowal Mission. Because of the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default, the spiritual Alamp's had nearly gone out. Machiventa served as an emergency teacher to uplift the belief in one God by revelation, in order to prepare the way for the planned bestowal of a Paradise Son. He materialized as an adult male, six feet in height, dressed as a priest and had a commanding presence. He spoke seven languages of the region and was also known as the Teacher of Salem  and the A Priest of El Elyon.  He gathered a core of students and taught them as much as they could receive, particularly the doctrine of one God, a Creator and heavenly Father. He gave them seven commandments to live by and supplanted their beliefs in blood sacrifice with a sacrament of bread and wine. Abraham was one of Machiventa=s pupils and a loyal supporter. The Salem teachings were kept alive through the generations by Abraham's offspring, forming the core of the religious beliefs of the Hebrews and the Muslims, and also spreading to Rome, Egypt, Asia, India, and to all parts of Mesopotamia. Following the end of the Jesus bestowal, Michael became Planetary Prince of Urantia. He asked Machiventa to serve as Vicegerent in his stead. Machiventa was given the title of Planetary Prince in his own right in 2002. 

Mansonloran Melchizedek
Mansonloran Melchizedek - Mansonloran is of the Third Order of the Melchizedek Corp of which there are at least five Orders.  He normally works on Edentia, but has recently been assigned to Uversa in order to afford humans from Urantia to have special attention in the coming tribulations to come on Urantia itself.  He is number 1315254157 and is capable of breaching all etiquettes to be heard in transmissions if no one else is around to transmit.

Mantutia Melchizedek
Mantutia Melchizedek, # 35171527 is of the Third Order of Melchizedek produced by the Father Melchizedek over two humdred million (200,000,000) years ago Urantia time.  I am several feet taller than the tallest basketball player on Urantia and carry several titles never known to mortals on an inhabited planet.  I am twice the size of Ron who stands 5' 10 and 3/4" tall and have enough molars to crush a walnut in my incarnation.  I am incarnated as of 10 July 2016 and many have seen me on the streets of New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I am near the course of thinking in York, Pa., and my HQ will be at 2709 Sunset Lane, York, when I am assigned permanently to the Magisterial Mission for Serara and Monjoronson and will continue to be the Supervisor of Ron Besser, the only fused mortal on Urantia and the only Apostle appointed by Jesus to begin with.  I am Mantutia Melchizedek and I write these extra lines so those who do read my transmits unders that I work with all Teaching Mission individuals and transmitters.

Margot is an asecended mortal hailing from a planet in the southwestern part of Orvonton, and has now reached the point of waiting for transport to Havona for his final lessons to obtain the right to go before the Paradise Deities in what the Urantia Book calls the Deity Adventure.  In waiting, Margot has lent his talents to the TELOS group which are specialized living spirit entities who never lived in the flesh but have live vicariously by studying mortals on planets like Urantia.  The Telos is the name given to this group of eternal beings born throughthe auspices of the Eternal Son, and biivouaced on a planet called an exoplanet orbiting the main capital sphere of Uversa.   An excoplanet belongs to the Secrects of Supremacy, who can and do complete certain areas of thought for the Supreme Being in Havona.  However with the Telos, the Supreme Executives have little to add to what the Telos have achieved so far, which is to say they have succeeded beyond all expectations to learn what universe life is all about and have made and built a civilization upon what they have learned.

Margul - (Heard as Mar-gool) Trinity Teacher Son. He has inspected Urantia recently and seems to be in the process of establishing a movement of enlightenment for the eventual goal of light and life. A staff of Teacher Sons has come with him, and is involved in giving forth information as advisors to other teachers in communication efforts.

Massanuten is an Avonal Son, aka a Magisterial Son, and is now assigned to the Court of the Ancients of Days to make daily reports to Them and Paradise concerning the antics of the human staff and recommended punishments and rewards to them for future use in any such other Magisterial Missions or divine Missions that follow this Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Massanuten has additional classifications of the types of humans serving on the Magisterial Mission staff and the Second Return staff with Jesus.  These additional human classifications refer to the antecedent origins and Thought Adjuster comments to the Ancients of Days in addition to what the indwelling Adjusters note to the Paradise Father, concerning who these individuals are who serve with Monjoronson and Serara and Jesus and Machiventa Melchizedek.  Those who read this,  note carefully, they ought to observe that your Editor, Ron Besser, is assigned to Massanuten on an ad hoc basis to inform Him of problems he cannot resolve for the Staff through regular channels.

Meloloc: Meloloc happens to be an ascending mortal of tens of thousands of years old and he acts as a liaison and information officer for the time being for the Magisterial Mission.  

Michael of Nebadon and Christ Michael
Michael, Christ Michael - Creator Son of Nebadon, Sovereign, Master Son, Lord Jesus and Father/Brother to all beings of his creation. He possesses all the divine attributes and powers of the Eternal Son within Nebadon, and has additional power and authority to fully represent the Universal Father within his local universe. He exerts the same spiritual drawing power and spirit gravity on the local scale that the Father has from Paradise. To our local universe, he represents God; he is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is ably assisted by his Consort, the Divine Minister, the Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, Nebadonia. His main concerns within his realm are creation, sustenance and ministry. He does not participate in judicial affairs, as Creators never sit in judgment on their creaturesCthose duties are under the supervision of Gabriel. Legislative and executive functions are largely in the hands of councils. In Administration, he is also assisted by numerous beings from the Superuniverse, such as Trinity ambassadors, at his request.

Monjoronson, Avonal Son
Monjoronson, the collective that includes many in this name (I.e. Paul, Jesus, Serara, the Melchizedeks and so on).  Monjoronson is also an individual Miagisterial Son who is the Co-Chair of the Urantia Magisterial Mission with Serara, and is now the distinguished head of the coordination of the Second Return of Jesus.   Monjoronson is Avonal Son # 13154311527, and is known throughout the universe of universes as a lavish mercy bestowal upon any planet he is assigned to.

Mother Spirit
Mother Spirit - Known by various names and titles:  Nebadonia, Divine Minister, Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, Creative Daughter Spirit, Consort of Michael of Nebadon. Created by the Third Source and Center, she and Michael preside over Nebadon as Divine Parents over all the sons and daughters of their creation. Her presence pervades all of Nebadon at all times; she never leaves Nebadon, whereas Michael does make journeys to the superuniverse headquarters worlds, as well as to Paradise. 

The Creative Spirit of a Local Universe.  The Creative Spirit of Nebadon carries several titles among which are Nebadonia, as a title given to Her by the Ancinets of Days in Her persecuation of the devil, Lucifer and Caligastia, to name a few, and such a persecution resulting in their untimely deaths never to appear before anyone ever again.  Urantia has devil worshipers, but they will also be removed as soon as the Justice of the Trinity appears on Urantia, and then the Mother Spirit, Nebadomia will appear again on Uversa to receive Her fit of appreciation from the three Ancients of Days for her proseution work agains evil on our planet.

Paul of Tarsus
Paul of Tarsus, The First and Last Apostle

Thought Adjuster
Thought Adjuster.  Most transmitters have indwelling them Supreme Acting Adjusters.  In this day and age of the Magisterial Mission, any Adjuster assigned to help the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return are designated name of Pre'Msha or in some cases as Pre'Mtor.  Both refer to identification with the assignemnt to the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus.  In naming Adjusters, some names have been given out before the policy decision was made for all Adjusters for Magistieral Mission help to have one name, so it may occur that a transmission may come from a Pre'Mtopia and many other unusued names at this time.  Adjusters are named on Divinington before they leave for the time worlds to indwell humans.  Some humans may chance to be named by their Adjusters on Urantia, for instance, and some Adjusters carry their ward's name for future fusion activities, but only one person on Urantia has fused since Ezeikiel and that is your archive editor today.  He is the only person ever to do it and remain in the flesh we might add since he is fully dedicated to the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return and has a life extension of well over 800 years and counting. [Mother Spirit dictated the las part of information imparted here.]