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Adjudication Lucifer Rebellion
Adjudication Lucifer Rebellion - The tribunal of the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer before the courts of the Ancients of Days had already begun before The Urantia Book was given to the Forum group in Chicago in the early 1930's. Completion of the universe judicial decree, wherein all participants had either repented and had been rehabilitated or, as in the case of Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia , Dalagastia, had spurned Divine mercy and were annihilated. The adjudication was decreed in Salvington, Capital of the Local Universe of Nebadon, on March 16, 1985, by our present Urantia calendar, and made it possible for the Correcting Time to begin and for the communication circuits to be reinstated. The reasons that the rebellion was allowed to continue for 200,000 years are discussed in The Urantia Book. You must understand that up until the time Lucifer ceased to exist, he still had free will and had not agreed to the adjudication. The adjudication could not happen until he agreed that it was the right thing to do. The sinner himself must agree with the verdict before adjudication can take place.                                                                     

Adjuster, Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, Indwelling
Adjuster, Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, Indwelling - Thought Adjusters are known by various names, as a Mystery Monitor, a Thought Controller, the Indwelling Spirit, Pilot and the individual fragment of God the Father that lives within mortals of survival potential. It arrives as a gift, a pre-personal spirit bestowal, of the Universal Father when the mortal makes his/her first moral decision, signifying a budding soul, a being of spiritual potential, capable of seeking God and desiring to be like him. 

Agondonters, Agondonter
Agondonters, Agondonter - The term and its plural refer to mortal will creatures that are able to believe in God with their faith, without seeing, without proof. They have a special trust-worthiness because of their unquestioned faith and supreme confidence in cosmic reliability. Because Urantia lacked a Planetary Prince with his visible staff, and Adam and Eve were not to remain on our planet due to their default, mortals who believe in God are given this recognition. The age of agondonters will end when we once again have a visible Son of Paradise origin with us. 

Andite Race
Andite Race - Originated in the area of the Tigrisb and Euphrates rivers 25,000 years ago. An adventurous people, large numbers migrated to Europe and the Nordic region, while others went to North Africa , into India Siberia , China and Japan , from whence they went by boat to the region in South America and Numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean . Most of these migrations occurred between 8,000 and 6,000 B.C. 

Andonites - Primitive race, descended from Andon and Fonta, the first human family. By 15,000 BC, they had scattered over the Arctic and central Asia and given rise to the Hittites, Lapps and Eskimos, with pale skins and broad heads. They were hunters with flint tools, living almost exclusively on flesh.

Angel, Angels
Angel, Angels - The seraphic ministering spirits of the local universe with numerous classifications according to function. Those most often referred to on Urantia as angels are of the category of guardian seraphim. 
They are created by the Local Universe Mother Spirit specifically for serving the mortals of the realm. They serve in pairs and it is their duty to see that we are sufficiently challenged in life's lessons, so that we have ample opportunities to grow spiritually. 

Apostles - In the new sense of the word for the 20th and 21st century: You are the men and women about which The Urantia Book speaks of, the new teachers of the gospel of Michael, of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humankind. You are, by your own choice, apostles, teachers, evangelists. You are the salt of the earth in this generation. You are witnesses to the Light of the World in these times. 

Archangels - In spite of their name, they are not classified as angels but as Universe Aids. There are about 800,000 of them personalized by the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit to work in Nebadon, our local universe. They are dedicated to creature survival and their ascension career. The archangels preserve the records of personality resurrection. There will be 100 of them assigned to the Magisterial Son when he appears. Archangels are the authors of several of the Urantia Papers: 33, 35, 41, 44, 46, 48, and 77-81. They also maintain a divisional headquarters on our planet, a highly unusual arrangement placed here by the direction of Christ Michael. 

Architectural worlds
When all seven superuniverses are complete, there will be nearly five hundred billion of these worlds, purposely constructed for their intended uses. The local universe of Nebadon contains 647,591 of these worlds. While they may receive some light from nearby stars, they are heated and lighted independently and therefore do not emit enough light to be seen by Urantia’s telescopes. These worlds do not suffer from geologic instability, or weather phenomena. They are made from morontia materials, which include 100 additional elements that are not found on Urantia, and are very beautiful.  Morontial materials are abundant on these worlds, but these worlds also serve to be the epitome of material splendor and are replete with lakes and plants and animal life not seeon on worlds like Urantia.  You will see your first architectural world when you awaken from the death experience, on Mansion World number one.

Ascending sons
Ascending sons. The mortals of time and space and other evolutionary orders that begin as imperfect beings and rise to the state of perfection by attainment and mastery, such as evolutionary seraphim, the material sons (Adam & Eves), translated midwayers and the Personalized Adjusters. 

Ascendington. One of the sacred spheres of Paradise and the home for finaliters, those ascending mortals who have become perfect by attainment. Here are kept the secrets of the evolution of the soul and the technique of fusion with the Father fragment. This will one day be your home world, if you choose to fuse with your Adjuster and follow your path to perfection. 

Attunement - A supplanted concept of atonement, meaning to see eye to eye with one's Adjuster.It is also often referred to as at-one-ment. Attunement points to the increasing coincidence of the mortal will with the Father's will. Eventually, the at-one-ment leads to fusion of the soul with the Father's indwelling spirit, the Thought Adjuster, thus the mortal attains divinity attunement, while the Adjuster gains personality expression. 

Avonal Sons
Avonal Sons - These are the Paradise Sons of God created in perfection for the purposes of magisterial missions, dispensational adjudications, to act as supreme counselors to local systems settled in light and life, and to be a personal representation of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. They may or may not incarnate as a visible being, depending on circumstances.

Aya, Master Spirit 7
Aya is the seventh Master Spirit who presides over the superuniverse of Orvonton.  He is the Voice of the Paradise Trinity in association with the Supreme Being on Havona, and as such he is able to discern and speak for the attitude of the Trinity and speak for the Supreme Being. 

Bestowal - Given to certain orders of the Divine Sons to appear in the flesh by being born of woman, as Jesus did on Urantia. Every evolutionary planet receives one bestowal Son at some point in its history. Within a local universe, only one inhabited evolutionary world is fortunate to receive their Creator Michael Son in his seventh bestowal; the other 9,999,999 worlds receive an Avonal Son that serves the same purpose.   The bestowals of the Avonal and the Michael Sons are a necessary part of the experiential process designed to make these Sons safe and sympathetic magistrates and rulers of the peoples and planets of time and space. The career of sevenfold bestowal is the supreme goal of all Paradise Creator Sons. And all Magisterial Sons are motivated by this same spirit of service which so abundantly characterizes the primary Creator Sons and the Eternal Son of Paradise.For the mortals who witness such a bestowal, it becomes literally true that the divine Word is made flesh, and that the Word thus dwells among the lowly beings of animal origin.

Bright and Morning Star
Bright and Morning Star. Only one Gabriel, a Bright and Morning Star, is created in each local universe. In our local universe he was brought into being by Michael and Nebadonia. He is the chief executive of Nebadon and directs the local universe government in the absence of Michael, plus he commands the angelic armies. He is like a Creator Son, but limited in creatorship prerogatives. He, along with the Archangels, Brilliant Evening Stars, Mansion World Teachers, and others, serve as Universe Aids.

Brilliant Evening Stars
Brilliant Evening Stars. An order of Universe Aids created by the Creator Son and Mother spirit for a wide range of administrative functions: They assist Magisterial Sons and Trinity Teacher Sons on their missions, work with finaliters, teach on Jerusem, are liaison officers of Gabriel, and one of their numbers attended Jesus throughout his bestowal mission on Urantia.

Caligastia A secondary Lanonandek Son, at one time Planetary Prince of Urantia until he joined the Lucifer Rebellion. Caligastia served loyally for 300,000 years before taking up the sophistry of his superior, Lucifer. He became ultra-individualistic, resented supervision, and had a tendency to disagree with established order. As he committed to ever more deliberate sin, his personality became completely distorted. Although shorn of power, he remained on Urantia for a time and contributed to the Adamic default through his evil influence. He ceased to exist at the time of the adjudication in 1985, choosing annihilation over repentance. 

Celestial beings
Celestial beings - Under normal circumstances, spirit personalities like the descending sons of God, or ascending sons of God, including mortals who have left their planets of nativity and have become morontial beings, cannot be seen by mortal eyesCthese are classed as Acelestial beings. 
This category does not include mortals still in their physical bodies and currently hailing from other inhabited, evolutionary planetsCthose would be called extraterrestrial beings or off-worlders.

Celestial teachers
Celestial teachers - Includes all orders of spirit or morontia beings that have volunteered to serve in Christ Michael=s Correcting Time for Urantian mortals and for the other 36 planets from Satania that had been isolated because of the rebellion. Nearly all orders of created beings serve as celestial teachers, from the Mansion World teachers to those of Paradise origin. 
Also, a large number of these teachers are morontial beings, having lived on evolutionary planets during their mortal lifetimes, and have since traversed much or all of the mansion world experiences and education, some having already fused with their Adjusters. They have been trained by the Melchizedek order of beings to aid us individually in our spiritual growth and to perform a service of assisting us to uplift the civilizations and social fabric of our world. 
They serve in the capacities of personal and/or group teachers, communicating with mortals through a mind-to-mind process known as transmitting/receiving or TRing. 
The lessons/transcripts located in this web site have come into being through this method of communication.

Centering - 
To use the practice of Stillness to prepare body and mind for communion with the Eternal Father, to enter into the flow of the circuits and be in harmony with the universe. 
This process is also used for personal communication with ones Thought Adjuster or other Celestial beings, or to achieve group attunement of mind, heart and spirit during sessions of TRing with the Celestial Teachers.

Central Universe
Central Universe - Consists of the Isle of Paradise, surrounded by three concentric rings (circuits) of architectural spheres, each containing 7 sacred spheres of the persons of the Trinity. Beyond these secret spheres of the Deities are found the one billion perfect worlds of Havona, arranged in seven concentric circles. Together with Paradise at the center, plus the 21 sacred spheres, and the seven circuits of the one billion Havona worlds, all of these systems constitute the Central Universe. The Central Universe is separated from the seven Superuniverses by two dark gravity belts, the inner belt rotating counterclockwise around the Central Universe, and the other one rotating clockwise, plus a semiquiet zone. 

Cherubim - In all essential endowments, cherubim and sanobim are similar to seraphim. Their function is to assist all seven orders of seraphim with their duties, such as record keeping and other routine spirit work, and at times in liaison with the midwayers. They always serve in pairs, one cherubim and one sanobim, as their personalities are complementary. Classed as morontia beings, they are in-between angels and midwayers. They speak the languages of their local universe and their Superuniverse, and when serving on a planet of mortal inhabitants, they learn the language(s) of that realm as well.

Christ Michael
Christ Michael - The offspring of the Universal Father and Eternal Son, he is a Divine Son of the Michael Order, with Creator prerogatives. He created the local universe of Nebadon, and with his consort, Nebadonia, created the various orders of beings that populate this local universe. 
He later earned Master Son status, with full Sovereignty over the local universe of his personal creation, by going through a series of seven bestowals, where he became an actual member of each order he created and lived an exemplary life as a being of that order. 
During his seventh and last bestowal, he appeared on this planet, born as the baby known as Jesus, on August 21, 7 B.C. 
During the thirty-six years he spent on Urantia on his terminal bestowal, his mandate was to exemplify the revelation of God to man and of the personal relationship man can achieve directly with God. 
He often addresses his children of Urantia with the phrase, AThis is your Father/Brother, Michael, or This is your Creator and Father, your Brother and Friend. 
Some of the Christian religious sects that believe Christ is the same being as the Eternal Son, use the term Michael as the name of an Archangel.

Circuits - These are the discrete and directional conduits of energies of personality, spirit, mind and energy-matter that traverse space for communication, presence, maintenance, healing, and ministry. The universal circuits of Paradise are four in number: The personality gravity of the Eternal Father, the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son, the mind gravity of the Infinite Spirit, and the material gravity of the Isle of Paradise. The Superuniverse has seven circuits, mainly used for energy transmission, space broadcasts, and the communication within certain orders of beings, such as the Thought Adjusters and Reflective Spirits. The circuits of the local universe are used for the functioning of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit ministry and the adjutant mind-spirits. 

Citizens, Citizenship
Citizens, Citizenship - The Urantia Book expands the concept of citizenry from local communities, to states, to nations, to the world, and to the concept of cosmic citizenry.  Every individual being has importance at all levels in terms of effects upon the whole and responsibilities to the whole--all are interconnected, all are unique, all serve a purpose, all are needed, and all are loved unconditionally by the Father.

Consciousness - The awareness and recognition of self and others. Cosmic consciousness implies the recognition of a First Cause, the one and only uncaused reality. God-consciousness is the intellectual capacity for knowing God. Human consciousness is the recognition of self and the reality of other humans and further implies that such awareness is mutual; that the self is known as it knows. Through The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission, consciousness is extended to the recognition of the reality of many other orders of spiritual beings, as well as the existence of mortals living on other inhabited planets in the universe

Constellation - An autonomous primary unit of a local universe; there are 100 of these constellation units in each local universe. Their function is administrative in that they link the 100 systems in their jurisdiction with the local universe administration. The constellation that our system, our world is governed by is called Norlatiadek. The rulers are three Vorondadek Sons, known as the Most Highs. 

Correcting Time
Correcting Time - The Correcting Time includes every human, every soul on Urantia and on the other 36 planets involved in the quarantine from the Lucifer Rebellion. The date of the beginning of the Correcting Time is February 1, 1992, according to Teacher Ham, but it has been long on the mind of Michael, who started planning for this needed correction since the beginning of the period of isolation, 200,000 years ago. Some of the celestial teachers have been in training to assist these worlds for 1000 years of Urantian time. The Correcting Time refers not only to changes in the earth from natural and manmade causes from pollution and over-population, but also to changes that need to be made in regard to man's institutions that deal with economics, politics, religion, education, and in the family, the basic social institution.This plan includes The Urantia Book text, the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, and will most likely be expanded in the future.It is a comprehensive program that will take approximately 1,000 years on this world, preparing for the beginning stage of light and life.

Cosmic Citizenship
Cosmic Citizenship - The Urantia Book expands the concept of citizenry from local communities, to states, to nations, to the world, and to the concept of cosmic citizenry. Every individual being has importance at all levels in terms of effects upon the whole and responsibilities to the wholeCall are interconnected, all are unique, all serve a purpose, all are needed, and all are loved unconditionally by the Father. A Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship Chonest recognition of your progressive obligations to the Supreme Being, awareness of the interdependence of evolutionary man and evolving Deity. This is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of universal duty.

Cosmic Mind
Cosmic Mind - Mind is the functional endowment of the Infinite Spirit. It co-ordinates matter and spirit and endows innate scientific, moral, and spiritual insight. Spiritual intuition and faith-insight are examples of the functioning of cosmic mind. The Third Person of God is the source of universal mind; but cosmic mind is modified universal mind to function in time-space by the Master Spirits, The mind of man is an impersonal portion of cosmic mind, a gift of the Creative Daughter Spirit and functions over an individualized circuit.

Creative Daughter Spirit
Creative Daughter Spirit - Created by the Paradise Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit, in reaction to the personalization of a Creator Son by the Father-Son union. She is also known as the Divine Minister of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, source of the Holy Spirit, and consort of Christ Michael, the Creator Son. Her name is Nebadonia; she is everywhere present throughout Nebadon, the local creation to which our planet belongs. She is the Creator of all the local universe level seraphic beings and nurtures all life forms, human, animal and plant. 

 Creator - The First Source and Center, the one and only Auncaused reality, creator of all that exists in the vast Grand Universe. Also known as God the Father, the Universal Father, the First person of Deity, the "I AM," the ONE, the Infinite Upholder, the Divine Controller, the Almighty, and the God of Personality, to mention just a few.
In theory you may think of God as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of Paradise and the central universe of perfection, but the universes of time and space are all created and organized by the Paradise corps of the Creator Sons. The Universal Father is not the personal creator of the local universe of Nebadon; the universe in which you live is the creation of his Son Michael.
Though the Father does not personally create the evolutionary universes, he does control them in many of their universal relationships and in certain of their manifestations of physical, mindal, and spiritual energies. God the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise universe and, in association with the Eternal Son, the creator of all other personal universe Creators

Creator Sons
Creator Sons -These are the Divine Sons, the perfect and personal creations of the Universal Father and Eternal Son. Each of these 700,000 Creator Sons (plus a reserve corps) of the order of Michael Sons are unique in nature and personality and each is destined to design, create, build and administer the local universe that they bring into existence, out of the nebulae and energy manifestations of physical reality provided by the Paradise force organizers. They create not only some of the physical aspects of their local universes such as the status architectural spheres, but with their consorts, the Divine Creative Daughter Spirits, they create the various kinds of beings that populate their local universe. They aspire to bring their own creations into the state of perfection modeled by the perfection of Havona, and to simultaneously reveal the perfection of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son to the beings of their creation. It is customary for each Creator Son to become as one with selected orders of beings of their creation for a period of time to gain and share the wisdom and experience of that which they created. Successful completion of these bestowal experiences gives them complete sovereignty over their domains, making them wise and loving, merciful and just rulers. The Creator Son of our local universe of Nebadon is called Christ Michael, who is known to us as Jesus for his 7th bestowal experience as a mortal ascendant son on our world.

Dalamatia - The headquarters city of the Planetary Prince, established in the Persian Gulf region about 500,000 years ago. At the time that Caligastia came to Urantia as our Planetary Prince, mankind had been evolving for half a million years and numbered nearly a half billion primitive humans scattered throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. The Persian Gulf region was selected as the headquarters site because it was in the center of the population and had a favorable climate. This area, later called Mesopotamia, became the Acradle of civilization because of the teachings of Caligastia's staff that advanced the culture of mankind in the areas of growing food, domestication of animals, industry and trade, education and sanitation, to name only a few examples. After the Rebellion, a tidal wave from the Persian Gulf swept over the city and caused its obliteration. 

Deity - In the Urantia Revelation, the concept of Deity is greatly expanded to include the functions of personal, prepersonal and superpersonal levels. ADeity may be existential, as in the Eternal Son; experiential, as in the Supreme Being; associative, as in God the Sevenfold; undivided, as in the Paradise Trinity.

Descending Sons
Descending Sons - Sons of various orders created in a state of perfection, which accept incarnation or spiritual missions to serve the lower imperfect orders of beings as they ascend, in order to gain experiential knowledge. An example would be our own Christ Michael, a Creator Son of the Michael Order, who descendedthrough seven orders of beings: He served as a Melchizedek, a Lanonandek, a Material Son, a Seraphim, an ascendant mortal, a morontia mortal, and last as a mortal infant, born in Bethlehem. 

Disciples, Modern
Disciples, Modern - Modern day disciples are those who choose to follow the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus and share those teachings with willing listeners, to actively practice loving others as Jesus/Christ Michael loves them, and to love God and willingly serve mankind for the glory of the Father. 

Dispensation - The closing of a spiritual age or planetary epoch, and the beginning of a new one, the most recent dispensation announced by Christ Michael June 8, 1995. Currently, we just began the Transition Era. Because of Urantia's highly unusual history, we do not fit into the normal categories of the planetary mortal epochs. The actions of the Correcting Time will help to advance Urantia to the status it should have for a world in the postbestowal Son age. The Magisterial Son=s ministry will be a large part of this correction as well. 

Dispensational Roll Call
Dispensational Roll Call - An action by the universe administration, which calls up all sleeping survivors, (those of potential soul survivability but who had not reached a certain level of attainment in their spiritual growth during their mortal lifetimes,) to their resurrections on the mansion worlds. The first one occurred at the arrival of the Planetary Prince, 500,000 years ago, and the most recent one followed the end of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. Besides the dispensational roll calls, special roll calls are also performed at least every millennium for the awakening of the sleeping survivors. This is done so that the new morontial pilgrims can be instructed in groups. It does not apply to those individuals who have reached a requisite level of spiritual attainment; they have a shorter sleep of only three days.

Divinington - An architectural sphere, one of the sacred spheres of the Father, in the orbit of 7 Father worlds closest to the Isle of Paradise. It is the home world of the Thought Adjusters, Gravity Messengers, and other Father fragments. It takes a Thought Adjuster, 117 hours, 42 minutes and 7 seconds to travel from Divinington to Urantia, but nearly all of this time is taken up on Uversa, the superuniverse capitol, when the Thought Adjuster registers the mortal of his imminent indwelling as a soul of spiritual potential, signified by that mortal=s making his/her first moral decision, usually around five or six years of age. 

Eden - When a world is in need of a biological uplifting, when natural evolution has become stagnant, a Material Son and Daughter are sent to the planet for this purpose. Urantia's Material Son and Daughter were called Adam and Eve, and a garden home was made for them prior to their arrival, called Eden in honor of Edentia. The first Eden was a peninsula of land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and was a place of great beauty, with an abundance of vegetation, fresh water, and a place for animals on the adjoining mainland. Here Adam and Eve taught the more advanced peoples of the region better ways of providing for their material and spiritual needs. The first Eden sank as a result of normal geological disturbances. A second Garden of Eden was later built in the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, near the previous city of Dalamatia . It too, sank below the waves of the Persian Gulf.

Edentia - It is the name of the headquarters world of our Constellation of Norlatiadek, an architectural sphere of unimagined beauty and grandeur. It is 100 times larger than Urantia and has 770 satellites for a total cluster count of 771 spheres. Advancing mortals spend much time there, socializing and learning in the Melchizedek schools

Encircuited - To be connected to one of the many different kinds of universe energy circuits, which circulate throughout the universes by definite routes. An example would be the circuit a Transport Seraphim would use to carry a spirit being from one world to another, or those circuits used in mindal communication over long distances.

Ensa - The name of our minor sector, one of the physical divisions within the superuniverse of Orvonton. The capitol of Ensa is Uminor the third and it has seven satellite worlds for the study of higher physical realities. 

Epochal Revelation
Epochal Revelation - The purpose of revelation is to exalt and up-step the religions of evolution by periodic teachings, tailored to the needs and capacity for receptivity of the mortals. It is a response to the hunger of mortals to believe and depend upon the Deities for their source of truth. Every inhabited evolutionary planet receives a series of epochal revelations throughout its history, to correct errors in the beliefs of men and direct them on a more enlightened path of progress. The Urantia Book is one example, the fifth one to be given to Urantia. 

Error, evil, sin & iniquity
Error, evil, sin & iniquity - Error is the inevitable result of the immature creature's use of free will from a misconception or distortion of reality, an unwise judgment, or a decision made with incomplete facts or lacking of intellectual keenness. These will be forgiven and forgotten in eternity. Evil is the darkness that follows rejection of light, and immature choosing of less than is righteous, of choosing error over truth; an imperfect obedience to the Father's will. Sin is a willful, conscious identification with evil, a deliberate transgression of divine will. Sin retards intellectual development, moral growth, social progress and spiritual attainment, but does not prevent them. Sin has repercussions but is correctable; forgiveness is available if mercy is accepted. Iniquity is the persistent pursuit of sin and error, a destruction of the connection of soul with spirit, a rejection of divine forgiveness, a lack of sorrow for misdeeds. It is spiritual suicide. 

Evolution - Organic evolution is never a cosmic accident; it is masterfully, intelligently planned, following Deity specified patterns and processes, designed individually for the conditions found on each evolutionary world of space that has or will have, physical characteristics favorable to the support of life. The Life Carrier Sons design the genetic code necessary for the evolution of all living life forms that are intended for that planet. They place this purposely planned, Deity designed genetic code into a life supporting protoplasm and implant this substance into a suitable, sheltered place in the environment, impart the spark of life that gives it life and animation, and allow it to grow and evolve through long ages of adaptation into the various kinds of plant and animal life that will eventually lead to and support the evolution of mortal will creatures, intelligent, bi-pedal beings, capable of finding God and desiring to be like him. 
In every living cell, plant or animal, there is an innate insatiable craving for the attainment of ever increasing perfection, a need to adapt to environmental conditions, and organismal adaptations that give it not only survival qualities, but also an enhancement of characteristics that lead to improvements in quality of life. The Urantia midwayers have assembled over fifty thousand facts of physics and chemistry which they deem to be incompatible with the laws of accidental chance, and which they contend unmistakably demonstrates the presence of intelligent purpose in the material creation.  And all of this takes no account of their catalogue of more than one hundred thousand findings outside the domain of physics and chemistry which they maintain prove the presence of mind in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the material cosmos. 

Experimental planet
Experimental planet - Every tenth planet in a given System comprising 1,000 spheres capable of supporting life, is designated a Adecimal world, a planet where the Life Carriers are allowed to experiment, modify, and attempt to improve the life forms, within limits. Urantia is one of these life-experiment worlds upon which developed twenty-eight modifications that were successful and will be allowed to be utilized on future worlds in Nebadon. Unfortunately, some of the modifications tried by the Life Carriers were handicapped by the Caligastia betrayal and Adamic default. Some of the primitive forms of plant life reverted and became parasitic bacteria, causing serious diseases in the higher mammals. The Adamic uplift would have corrected much of this problem by making man immune to bacterial and viral effects if Adam and Eve had not defaulted in their mission. It now rests on human mind endowment to use science and ingenuity to solve some of these biological problems that plague our world, but we are not without divine assistance in this matter. We have been given the opportunity to co-create the solutions to Urantia's problems, mankind working with celestial beings to discover corrections for these problems. This is one aspect of the Correcting time.

Faith - The outgrowth of the insight born of the activity of the indwelling Adjuster. It is the recognition of the spiritual consciousness, an attribute of personal religious experience. It is born of a confidence and dependence on God. It is the tool for dealing with man=s greatest problems. It is man's passport to eternity; it brings man to union with God. It is to religion what sails are to a ship; it makes believers secure in the kingdom of God, it causes potentials to become actuals in the spirit world. The faith of Jesus is the most outstanding example of what is possible when man dares to trust completely in the Father. The faith of Jesus was wholehearted, personal and spiritual. He clearly demonstrated sublime trust in the leadings of his Heavenly Father. Jesus devoted his entire earthly life to following the will of his Father, with complete confidence and trust; he forever leads the way to eternal life.

Father Fragment
Father Fragment - An alternate term for the Thought Adjuster, which is a pre-personal fragment of the Heavenly Father, given as a gift to mortals with spirit potential, and which is a homing device to lead man to God, to help him with the trials of living, and to teach him what he needs to know to grow his soul into an eternal reality. At some point in man's spiritual growth, fusion takes place between man and his Father Fragment. 

Father Fused
Father Fused - Ninety percent of the mortals in Nebadon are destined to fuse with their Father fragments. By this technique, the pre-personal Father fragment gains personality, and the ascending son gains immortality, divinity attainment, and access to the experiential history and knowledge of the Father. There are also Son fused and Spirit fused individuals, but not many from Urantia.

Fifth Epochal Revelation
Fifth Epochal Revelation - The Urantia Book is Part I, the Teaching Mission is Part II, and the Magisterial Mission is Part III of the currently appearing epochal revelation on Urantia. AAnd so the Fifth Epochal Revelation (FER) is to unify the religious understandings of Urantia that the fact of the loving parent will become known and the world will be one in all its grand diversity. Epochal revelation is designed to correct philosophical error, assess the evolutionary religions and science, and adjust the planetary and human history to a factual account of events from the past on an inhabited planet.

Finaliters - The career of destiny for Father-fused mortals that have faithfully ascended all the worlds of specialized training, have mastered the will of the Father, and achieved perfection of intention as creatures of time and space. Finaliters serve the Paradise Trinity on the worlds of space. They have learned to be superb administrators within the Grand Universe until such time as their skills and experience will be needed in the administration of the outer space universes. They are a new being who consists of an eternal union of the perfect Adjuster and a perfected one-time-mortal creature.

Fusion - The makeup of your being, your true self, is the combination of your personality, your soul, and your Divine Father Fragment within. The personal soul-self and the divine Adjuster combine together in such a way that no being in the universe can tell which portion was the mortal soul and which part was the Adjuster Father. In effect, what results is a new type of being that is personalized at the moment of fusion. Understanding these three elements of your being erases the confusion that is often found in the teachings of the many religions existent upon this planet. Your personality is changeless; it is the anchor of your entire makeup. You have begun a relationship that is transforming into a living reality, your soul. These three aspects when fused are eternalized. Your body and mind will not remain with you as you know it today.

God Consciousness
God Consciousness - The human mind, because of the cosmic endowment of mind and the indwelling of the Adjuster, is able to discern the fact, the law, and the love of God. Discerning the spiritual presence of God is determined by the capacity of receptivity and the consecration of the creature's will to doing the divine will. God has already reached down for the contact with man through the gift of the Thought Adjuster. When the mind of man recognizes this presence of divinity within, and desires to have more contact with his Heavenly Father, this upward reach of man to God results in soul growth that gives man ever more direct contact and communion with God and the awareness of that as fact. Jesus attained a state of unbroken communion with God, which he attained through intelligent prayer and sincere worship

Grand Universe
Grand Universe - It is the inhabited creation only and does not take into account the outer space areas, which presently do not contain life, but only the organization of matter and energy. The grand universe consists of the the central universe, which is made up of the Isle of Paradise and Havona , and the seven superuniverses, with their major and minor sectors, local universes, constellations, local systems and seven trillion inhabited planets (the time-space universes). It is not only a physical/material creation, but it is a responsive, living organism, permeated by energy lanes and intelligence circuits that activate it and nourish it much as the human body is nourished by means of the circulatory system that distributes energy to all parts of the body. It is subject to the over-control of the mindedness of the power centers.

Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels - Although much of the teachings about guardian angels are based on myth, nevertheless they are real and play a crucial role in the spiritual destiny of mortals on all inhabited worlds. Their voluntary ministry is to individual mortals. They generally serve in pairs and are assisted by cherubim and sanobim. In the beginning of a mortal's life, one seraphim pair will oversee a group of 1000 mortals with assistance from a company of cherubim, but as the mortals ascend in their psychic circle growth of spiritual attainment, the numbers of mortals served by a seraphic pair become fewer in number, until such time as the mortal achieves the requisite spiritual status to have a pair of destiny guardians assigned to him/her exclusively.
Angels do not invade human mind or interfere with the free will decisions of the mortals of their assignment, but they guide you into situations of learning and spiritual growth. At death, your destiny guardians become the custodial trustees of your records, your identity specifications and your soul, until you are re-personalized on the mansion worlds. They remain your companions for much of the time while you progress toward Paradise, simultaneously furthering their own advancement of seraphic education. 

Havona - A part of the perfect Central and Divine universe, Havona consists of seven concentric circuits, holding a billion architectural worlds. (Spirit beings do not live in nebulous space; they dwell on actual material spheres, although the substance of their construction is different than that of the evolutionary worlds.) Havona is populated by perfect beings created by the Trinity, and is the pre-Paradise training ground for ascending mortals.

Indwelling Father
Indwelling Father - Also known as the Father fragment, the Thought Adjuster, the Thought controller, the Mystery Monitor; the gift of the Universal Father to the evolutionary mortals, the Father's love incarnate in the souls of men. It is this fragment that leads man to become perfect, to become eternal. Because these Father fragments have characteristic spirit luminosity, they are often referred to as the pilot light or the light of life

Infinite Spirit
Infinite Spirit - Third Source and Center, Third Person of Deity, the Conjoint Actor, the Conjoint Creator, Universal Spirit, Infinite Mind, Spirit of Spirits, the Holy Spirit, the Paradise Mother Spirit, and the God of Action. This third person of the Trinity is directly or indirectly the creator of all the Seraphic Orders, the Divine Ministers, and the bestower of mind. The Infinite Spirit is able to exert a personal influence on mortal man through the action of mind, as in the saying, ABeing led by the Spirit of God

Inhabitable Planets
Inhabitable Planets - All mortals begin life on an evolutionary planet, an orb consisting of 100 naturally occurring chemical elements. (Additional elements made by man do not count.) Mortal man is not an accidental creation; there is a precise system, a universal law that determines what life forms will develop, beginning with simple ones and progressing through the divine technique of evolutionary growth and development. Not all planets are suitable for life forms to develop, and most worlds go through millions, if not billions, of years of geologic stabilization before they are ready for life implantation by the Life Carriers. No two worlds have identical life forms; life forms must be modified from basic patterns to conform to the unique characteristics of the worlds of space. All planets that are given life plasm by the Life Carriers, are preprogrammed to eventually develop mortal creatures of will dignity, intelligent, erect bipeds, but they vary greatly in all other respects; the inhabitants may live 25 years on one planet, but 500 years on another; some need an atmosphere, others are non-breathers; in response to the size of the planet and the amount of gravity, the mortals may vary from 2.5 feet in height to 10 feet; some mortal beings fly, some live on land and some live in the water.

Jesus / Joshua ben Joseph
Jesus / Joshua ben Joseph - Jesus was born Aug. 21, 7 B.C. the first-born of 9 children. He was an exceptional child, very intelligent, well behaved, and was well liked by his peers and elders. He learned the carpentry trade from his father and became very skillful. Jesus was 14 when his father died, which forced him to assume the role of head of his household as the eldest, to become the sole supporter of his mother and 8 siblings. He took care of his family, seeing to the education of his brothers and sisters, and did not leave home to begin his ministry until he had trained his oldest brother, James, to assume the duties he had been carrying as head of the household. Jesus continued to earn and send money to his family, and with the marriage of James, Jesus returned home to train the next brother, Joseph, to head the household. Jesus was 24 before he was relatively free from his responsibilities to his family and could be away from home for longer periods of time, returning periodically to continue the training of his younger siblings.   At 27 years of age, Jesus was able to begin his intense preparation for his ministry, as he traveled and taught in Rome, Crete, Alexandria, Corinth, Athens, Antioch, the Caspian, and back to Jerusalem. Jesus was 31 when he ended the Lucifer Rebellion on Mt. Hermon, and later that year he presented himself to his cousin John for Baptism. Next came the choosing and training of his Apostles, and teaching as they traveled through Samaria, the Decapolis, Galilee, and Phoenicia, periodically going back to Jerusalem before the start of another tour. For five years they preached to the multitudes, leading up to the crucifixion on April 7, AD 30, at 36 years of age. Following his resurrection, Jesus made many appearances in his morontial form before bestowing his Spirit of Truth to all of humanity, as he had promised. His seventh and last bestowal finished, he was proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia, and Master Son and Sovereign of his local universe of Nebadon, by the Ancients of Days and by the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son.

Joseph, father of Jesus
Joseph, father of Jesus - A carpenter and contractor by trade. He met Mary when he was working for her father, building an addition to their house. He courted Mary for two years before their marriage and was 21 at the time of their marriage in March, 8 B.C. Joseph=s heritage was mainly Hebrew, and he could trace his ancestors back to Abraham, the Sumerians and the Nodites. He was mild-mannered and conscientious, an excellent father and saw to it that Jesus was well educated. Joseph died in a construction accident when Jesus was just 14 years old, and 7 months before Mary gave birth to their last child.

Knowingness - The validation that one gets internally from the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. The experience of God-consciousness remains the same from generation to generation, but with each advancing epoch in human knowledge the philosophic concept and the theologic definitions of God must change. God-knowingness, religious consciousness, is a universe reality, but no matter how valid (real) religious experience is, it must be willing to subject itself to intelligent criticism and reasonable philosophic interpretation; it must not seek to be a thing apart in the totality of human experience.

Kuwaya, Master Spirit 2
Kuwaya is the name of Master Spirit Number Two.  He is the Voice of the Eternal Son to the seven superuniverses.  Kuwaya supplies Superuniverse Number Two, called Orvando, with cosmic mind and distributes cosmic mind as well as control of certain energies not discussed in the Urantia Book.

Lanaforge - The System Sovereign who replaced Lucifer and who is currently the head of the System of Satania to which the planet Urantia, our earth, belongs. He makes frequent visits to Urantia and will drop in on Teaching Mission groups, as do many other celestial visitors.  He is a brilliant and gracious system ruler, a rebellion-tested sovereign. 

Light, a female-type entity, and her associate, WAVE ( a male-type entity), were jointly commissioned by Father fusion of potentials with humans in teaching mission groups. 
They took origin in the early 2000's of Urantia's present calendar, and have no directly assigned duties to perform until Monjoronson arrives in the flesh.  Their work while mostly confidential to the Magisterial Son, is as liaison personalities between the staff of Monjoronson (and to and with the future Jesus when he returns with Monjoronson in later years), and mortals of the realm who need direct and personal attention in order to become serving members of the Light Teams to be established everywhere around Urantia.

Light and Life
Light and Life - When an evolutionary planet has completed its successive planetary ages, when it has progressed to the point of having one religion, one language, and usually one race, most diseases having been conquered, war no longer exists, poverty and social inequality have vanished, degeneracy and delinquency are nearly gone, and the natural resources are fairly distributed, then the planet is considered to be ready for the Agolden age of light and life. 
There are actually seven stages where this occurs, starting with the individual planet, and progressing up through the system, constellation, local universe, and on up until the whole superuniverse is settled in light and life. 

Local System
Local System - Our local system, named Satania is not yet complete. So far there are 619 inhabited planets in the system, and there will be 1000 when it is complete. Urantia was the 606th world to have life implanted on it within the system. The administrative head of Satania is a Lanonandek Son named Lanaforge. He has served since shortly after Lucifer was deposed and incarcerated for disloyalty to the universe government.

Local Universe
Local Universe - Our local universe, Nebadon, was created by Christ Michael, and is ruled by Michael as Master Son and Sovereign, and by Nebadonia, Creative Daughter Spirit and Divine Minister. The administrative headquarters is Salvington, which is also the abode of Michael and Nebadonia. It is still in the process of formation and will eventually contain10,000,000 inhabited planets.  Nebadon is one of 700,000 local universes within the Grand Universe.

Love - All true love comes from God; the love of the Father is seen in the mortal personality by the ministry of the indwelling Adjuster and is always in a state of motion, a circuit that flows from the Father, through the Sons, to our brethren and back to the Father; it can never be imprisoned in the heart of man. Love becomes real when it is bestowed upon others; it is infectious and brings about universal brotherhood; it destroys fear, hate and sin. AThe love of the Father absolutely individualizes each personality as a unique child of the Universal Father, a child without duplicate in infinity, a will creature irreplaceable in all eternity.

Lucifer - A brilliant primary Lanonandek Son who served as a loyal Sovereign over the System of Satania for 500,000 years before he decided that there was no Universal Father and made a Declaration of Liberty, contending that the local systems should be autonomous. Through pride, he convinced himself that the rebellion was for the good of the system, and was able to ensnare large numbers of celestial beings throughout Satania to join him in his rebellion against the Father's over-control. He even tried to enlist Michael in his plan for secession. Jesus terminated Lucifer's power when he met with the archrebels Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and Daligastia) on Mount Hermon defeating them as the Son of Man, without using his Divine powers. Lucifer's was the third rebellion in the Local Universe of Nebadon, all of which occurred before Michael had earned his Sovereignty. Lucifer was tried, along with his cohorts, in front of the Ancients of Days in the case called Gabriel vs. Lucifer, and after the four archrebels again spurned the offers of mercy they were offered by Michael, they chose annihilation and Aare no more. Thus ended the trial and adjudication that took place in the fall of 1985.

Luminaya is the name of Master Spirit Number Six who administers the 6th superuniverse of time and exclusively distributes cosmic mind and other energies to this creation. Luminaya speaks as the Voice of the Son. Spirit union which is the creator of the galactic space level of the seven superuniverses of time

Magisterial Mission
Magisterial Mission - A visit by a Paradise Son of the Order of Avonals occurs when a planet has reached an evolutionary limit of intellectual and ethical progress. They may also appear in judicial actions as dispensation terminators, liberating the sleeping survivors for resurrection in the halls of mansonia. Each Avonal Son also has at least one bestowal mission, where he is born of woman, as was Jesus. On missions other than bestowals, they appear in visible form as adult males. On some technical missions, the Avonals may not be visible to mortals. Planets may have numerous magisterial missions. Urantia is nearing its first Magisterial Mission, a part of Christ Michael's Correcting Time Plan.

Magisterial Son of Urantia
Magisterial Son of Urantia - Our world is soon to experience its first Magisterial Son, a Paradise Avonal Son announced within the American Teaching Mission groups as AMonjoronson, who will arrive as a visible adult male. He has been present in invisible form since July 2001, while planning for his administration. Monjoronson has been contacting Correcting Time groups and others worldwide, letting them know of his coming, preparing them for his arrival. He is also known as Athe Beloved One, and by other names in other cultures. His true universe name has not yet been revealed. His name and estimated time of arrival cannot be found in The Urantia Book, as his coming was dependent on the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Magisterial Sons
Magisterial Sons - They are Paradise Avonal Sons, the creation of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, about one billion in number in the grand universe, each one a new and divine ideal of loving service. They come into being as Divine administrators, descending Sons who reveal themselves as servers, bestowers, judges, teachers, and truth revealers. They work closely with the Creator Sons, the Michaels, of each local universe. 

Major Sectors
Major Sectors - Each one of the seven superuniverses is subdivided into 10 large administrative divisions called major sectors. The major sector in which Nebadon resides is called Splandon and its capitol is called Umajor the fifth. Splandon rotates around the star cloud of Sagittarius.

Mandate - Whenever a descending Son, such as a Creator Son or an Avonal Son, or a group of beings, such as those participating in the Correcting Time, are sent forth on a mission, they are given instructions on specific achievements that they are to accomplish as well as prohibitions, by a higher order of being and these are collectively known as mission mandates. For the mandates that Michael was given by his older brother, Immanuel, for his 7 bestowal experiences.

Mansion Worlds
Mansion Worlds - Seven architectural worlds, about the size of Urantia orbiting Transition World #1, among the 56 architectural worlds that orbit around Jerusem, the System Capitol. These are the beginning worlds of training for the mortals of the evolutionary worlds after mortal death, the heavens conceived of by prophets through visions and the origin of the biblical saying, In my Father's house are many mansions. Mortals of time begin their eternal careers on the mansion worlds after their awakening in the resurrection halls, where they are given a new physical body and their soul, mind, personality identity and memories are returned to them from safekeeping by their guardian seraphim and Thought Adjuster. They advance sphere by sphere, as they learn the lessons that they failed to learn on their planets of nativity, and are compensated for deprivations and handicaps from mortal life. 

Mansonia - A collective term for all 56 architectural spheres that orbit the system headquarters of Jerusem, as morontia worlds for a total of 57 Satania worlds.

Mantrinaya is the Fifth Master Spirit Created by triune Deity through the personal acts of the Infinite Spirt.  Mantrinaya controls the release and distribution of cosmic mind to Superuniverse Number Five called Lexerton and speaks on behalf of the creative expressions of the Father-Spirit union.  As with the other Master Spirits, Mantrinaya distributes other energies to the time-space creations not disclosed in the Urantia Book. 

Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary, Mother of Jesus - Mary met Joseph when he worked for her Father, building an addition to their house. They courted for two years and married in March of 8, B.C. when Joseph was 21 years of age. Mary was well educated, an expert at weaving, a good housekeeper and superior homemaker. She was of excellent lineage, with ancestors that could be traced back to Eve, as well as many other well-known women of Syrian, Hittite, Phoenician, Greek and Egyptian stocks. She gave birth to Jesus/Joshua on Aug 21, 7 B.C. She later gave birth to James, Miriam, Joseph, Simon, Martha, Jude, Amos, and Ruth. Amos died before his sixth birthday from a high fever; the other children all lived into adulthood.

Master Son
Master Son - When a Creator Son of the order of Michael has completed the Local universe of his making, he serves as a vicegerent regent until he goes through a series of seven bestowal experiences, becoming as an ordinary son of each order of beings that he created. The purpose is to become a wise, sympathetic, just, and understanding ruler of their domain. Christ Michael bestowed himself on the following orders of beings within his own creation: A Melchizedek Son, a Lanonandek Son, a Material Son, a seraphim, an ascendant pilgrim of mortal origin assigned to Uversa, a morontia mortal of ascending status, and lastly, as the infant child, Joshua ben Joseph/Jesus, born on August 21, of the year 7 BC, in the city of Bethlehem. After Christ Michael had completed these seven bestowals to the satisfaction of the Ancient of Days and the Universal Father and Eternal Son, he was proclaimed Sovereign of Nebadon. It took one billion years of Urantia time to complete these seven bestowals. He lived identical lives of the beings of his own creation, and did each of them so well that he earned the respect of all beings throughout Nebadon. Urantia was especially fortunate to have received the superb example set by Jesus as he lived an exemplary life dedicated to the will of his Father in Heaven. Urantia is the only inhabited, evolutionary world of 10,000,000 in Nebadon to have had the honor of hosting our Creator Son, Christ Michael on his seventh bestowal mission.

Master Spirit
A Master Spirit is dedicated to one segment of the seven segments of the Grand Universe. 
Their work is extra - spiritual, meaning they develop areas of space that are not necessarily in time, although their duties are primarily in time for this universe era of development of God the Supreme. The Urantia Book devotes Paper 16 to their description and to their function. In our definition for this Glossary we will not attempt to restate Paper 16, but provide the reader the revelation of their names and their universe names as they head each Superuniverse to provide it mind and spirit devoted to one feature of the creative purposes of the Supreme purposes of time.
The following table will provide information about the Master Spirits which is not fully explained in the Urantia Book text due to the length of that text. In the original Papers presented to the humans on Urantia to receive the Urantia Book in the early and mid-twentieth century, the Master Spirit names and various designations were available, but they were edited out due to the record of the Life of Jesus being added to the text that had not been originally planned for.  We restore these names and other kinds of information here: 

Superuniverse Number Name of the Superuniverse Master Spirit’s Name Function of The Master Spirit Additional Information
One Orillington Siraya The Voice of The Universal Father Chief of Thought Adjuster Assignments
Two Orvando Kuwaya The Voice of The Eternal Son Assigns all Spirit Beings To Paradise Habitation
Three Manvando Moiraya The Voice of the Infinite Spirit Assigns All Power Directors and Their Progeny to Work in the Seven Superuniverse
Four Lanterton Ociliaya The Voice of The Father-Son Union Purpose Assigns All Personnel below The Level of Deity to Their Secret-Sphere Homes.
Five Lexerton Mantrinaya The Voice of Universe Power Assigns All Physical Directors To their Material Homes and Brings Power Levels to Time from Paradise to all Superuniverses
Six           Oreyparena Luminaya The Voice of the Son-Spirit Spirit Unity coheres in the Third Triunity on Paradise and This Master Spirit is exclusively dedicated to the Assignment of Spirit-Lead Mortals on Planets and Morontia Spheres before they attain Spirit assignment to the Deities.
Seven Orvonton Aya The Voice of the Paradise Trinity & God The Supreme Assigns All Personnel below the Level of Deity To Their Homes on Paradise according to the wishes of the Trinity, and in cooperation with Kuwaya, MS 2

Melchizedek Schools
Melchizedek Schools - The schools of advanced culture and spirituality found throughout the local universe, and on some of the inhabited planets. Urantia is beginning to be taught by the superb teachers of these schools, through the Correcting Time program. We bring forth the inspiration to change parenting and to change institutions of punishment into institutions of loving rehabilitation. Choose your field of interest or interests, choose your level of commitment now in the coming months and we will continue to work with you in bringing forth these Melchizedek schools from which the curriculum will be clarified, amplified to bring your learning to its fruition, and then to shine forth as beacons. This light will burn ever brighter for your institutions are indeed crumbling. You must reform these institutions in the light of responsibility and service. It is time to quit reciting your despairs and take hold in loving faith accessing these energies through the stillness and take an active hand in helping us reclaim this place, yes?

Melchizedek Sons
Melchizedek Sons - The Creator Son, Michael and the Creative Spirit, Nebadonia, together created the first Melchizedek, who is called the Father Melchizedek. Then the Father Melchizedek working with Michael and Nebadonia, created the rest of the Melchizedek Sons, numbering more than ten million for service in the Local Universe of Nebadon. They are superb teachers, counselors, observers, and advisors. One of their numbers volunteered to come to Urantia on an emergency bestowal mission to uplift the spiritual climate and keep the belief of one God alive for the terminal bestowal of Michael. This son, Machiventa, has been appointed Planetary Prince of Urantia, and also directs the activities of the Correcting Time for his Sovereign, Michael. Many more Melchizedek sons serve on Urantia, as well as throughout Nebadon.

Mentori -  They are specialists of all kinds. They are progressive in their ways. They are healers, and they come from many different sources, even from this Super Universe availability. So far, as it concerns your additional Midway Helpers, they are from this local universe. A percentage of Mentori Specialists have arrived from far beyond our realm. The greater number of these consists of individuals of different species you have never heard of. They are still unrevealed, but they are specialists.

Messenger Hosts of Space
Messenger Hosts of Space - AThese versatile beings function as the connecting links between the higher personalities and the ministering spirits.They include the Havona Servitals, Universal Conciliators, Technical advisors, Custodians of Records on Paradise, Celestial Recorders, Morontia Companions and Paradise Companions. 

Michael Sons
Michael Sons - This order of Divine Creator Sons, some 700,000 in number in the Grand Universe, are created by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, each known as the only-begotten Son, because even though they can function in a similar manner, each has an individual personality that makes him unlike any other Michael Son. These Sons are the personification of the Paradise Father-Son, to and in their local universes. Each is destined to form a Local Universe of his own making, and with the Creative Daughter Spirit, to create the living beings that will inhabit this physical creation. Each Michael must earn the right to govern his creation as Sovereign, by completing 7 bestowals, in which he incarnates as a being of each order of beings that he himself, created. In this way he becomes a wise, merciful and loving Brother and Father to his sons and daughters. 

Michael, Christ Michael
Michael, Christ Michael - Creator Son of Nebadon, Sovereign, Master Son, Lord Jesus and Father/Brother to all beings of his creation. He possesses all the divine attributes and powers of the Eternal Son within Nebadon, and has additional power and authority to fully represent the Universal Father within his local universe. He exerts the same spiritual drawing power and spirit gravity on the local scale that the Father has from Paradise. To our local universe, he represents God; he is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is ably assisted by his Consort, the Divine Minister, the Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, Nebadonia. His main concerns within his realm are creation, sustenance and ministry. He does not participate in judicial affairs, as Creators never sit in judgment on their creaturesCthose duties are under the supervision of Gabriel. Legislative and executive functions are largely in the hands of councils. In Administration, he is also assisted by numerous beings from the Superuniverse, such as Trinity ambassadors, at his request.

Midwayers - Born and found on most inhabited worlds. They are invisible to the human eye and exist in-between mortals and the angelic orders in nature and function. They are able to manipulate physical objects, when allowed to do so by their angelic superiors. Of the first group of midwayers, the primary group, there were exactly 50,000 created by Prince Caligastia's corporeal staff, working for the administration of the Prince. The second group, the secondary midwayers were the offspring of the pure Adamic stock, the children of Adam and Eve mating with the offspring of the members of the Planetary Prince=s staff, for a total of 1,984 of these special beings. Four-fifths of the primary midwayers and 873 of the secondary midwayers joined Caligastia in the rebellion and were removed from Urantia. The remaining 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers, along with the loyal 9,881 primary midwayers, joined forces as the United Midwayers of Urantia and still serve on our planet. Since the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, all of the rehabilitated midwayers were returned to service on Urantia, as well as large numbers of midwayers from other worlds settled in light and life, who volunteered to come to Urantia to participate in the Correcting Time. The midwayers serve a valuable function in the communication links between Celestial Teachers and mortals, being well versed in the languages and customs of the mortals. They also assist the seraphim with physical tasks on the evolutionary worlds.

Mind, Body & Spirit
Mind, Body & Spirit - Mortal man has at its core, a spirit nucleus; mind is a personal energy system surrounding the divine spirit nucleus and functions in liaison with the material environment.  Mind is always dominant over matter and is an indispensable channel of communication between matter and spirit. In relation to personality, the physical is subordinate, the mind co-ordinate, and the spirit is directive.

Minor Sectors
Minor Sectors - Subdivisions of the major sectors, as there are 100 minor sectors in each of the ten major sectors. The minor sector that Nebadon is in is called Ensa, and the Capitol is Uminor the third.

Moiraya is the name of Master Spirit Number Three.  He is the Voice of the Infinite Spirit to the creations of time and space.  Moiraya sees to the distribution of cosmic mind and other energies not mentioned in the Urantia Book to the third superuniverse creation called Manvando. 

Monjoronson aka Serara
The name of Urantia's first Magisterial Son, an Avonal Son of Paradise origin, now planning his mission to uplift civilization through a cocreative effort with willing mortals for the healing of our planet. He will incarnate, as did Machiventa some 5,000 years ago, arriving quietly and without fanfare as a fully mature adult male. His mission will not bring sudden change, but a progressive one over the period of a thousand years or more that he will remain on Urantia in visible form. Although he is not yet in material form, he has been very active, teaching various individuals and groups of students within the Teaching Mission and worldwide.  Many transcripts of his lessons can be found in these archives, and on a companion web.  The readers is directed to the name Serara for further information concerned the Magisterial Son, and the fact that this incarnation on Urantia is his last to bestow himself on an evolutionary planet of time.

Monmatia - The Universe name for our solar system. Our sun, created 5 billion years ago, was approached by a neighboring system, Angona, which had a tremendous gravitational pull. It disgorged a large portion of the matter from our sun, a column of gasses pointed on both ends and bulging in the center, which was not captured by Angona or re-captured by the sun. This column of gasses condensed into a series of 10 planets, plus three more that Monmatia captured from Angona. All of Monmatia grew in time with the capture of meteoric material and some of the debris from the Angona system. One of the planets suffered disruption, forming the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and our sun was later able to recapture some of the material extruded as their erratic orbits caused them to stray too near.

Morontia - In the local universe, the morontia realm is the liaison between the material and spirit levels of existence. 
In a physical sense, it is a semi-material substance composed of varying mixtures of spirit and material energies. The more spiritual the mixture, the lighter the substance. 
(It is normally invisible to the human eye.) The human soul is formed of this material as it grows during the mortal lifetime.With each step of progress through the morontial career, the ascending mortal becomes slightly less physical and slightly more spiritual, with each transition necessitating a change of the body or vehicle that the budding spirit possesses. There are 570 of these physical to morontial changes until the stage of Apure spirit being is attained, when the physical body no longer exists of these changes are made in the system, 71 in the constellation, and 491 on the spheres surrounding Salvington. 
On Salvington, you become a first-stage spirit. 
Architectural spheres are made of morontial material, which is created by modifying the revolutions of the primary units of matter, slowing them down to produce other elements.While Urantia has 100 naturally occurring elements, mansonia has 200.

Most Highs
Most Highs - Three Vorondadek Sons are selected to rule over each Constellation for a set period of years. They also serve as the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator Son. They rule in the kingdoms of men as over-controllers of political evolution; they are occupied with groups, not individuals and foster the greatest good for the greatest number of people, without violating human free will.

Mota - Mota is defined as that ability that allows additional intellectual insight into material/spiritual relationships. Man cannot have mota while in the flesh, but once he is removed to the mansion worlds, the new mind circuit contains the additional capacity to see the relationships of the spiritual universe with the material universe in greater dimension. The higher philosophical insights of man come close to mota, but falls short of actually performing as mota performs for morontia ascenders.  The URANTIA Book explains it this way: "Mota is more than a superior philosophy; it is to philosophy as two eyes are to one; it has a stereoscopic effect on meanings and values. Material man sees the universe, as it were, with but one eye--flat. Mansion world students achieve cosmic perspective--depth--by superimposing the perceptions of the morontia life upon the perceptions of the physical life. And they are enabled to bring these material and morontial viewpoints into true focus largely through the untiring ministry of their seraphic counselors, who so patiently teach the mansion world students and the morontia progressors. Many of the teaching counselors of the supreme order of seraphim began their careers as advisers of the newly liberated souls of the mortals of time."

Mother Spirit
Mother Spirit - Known by various names and titles:  Nebadonia, Divine Minister, Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, Creative Daughter Spirit, Consort of Michael of Nebadon. Created by the Third Source and Center, she and Michael preside over Nebadon as Divine Parents over all the sons and daughters of their creation. Her presence pervades all of Nebadon at all times; she never leaves Nebadon, whereas Michael does make journeys to the superuniverse headquarters worlds, as well as to Paradise. 

Nebadon - The name of our Local Universe, created by Christ Michael, a 400,000,000-year project, thus far. It will consist of 100 constellations, 10,000 systems, and 10,000,000 inhabited planets when it is completed. 

Nebadonia - Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon, the local Universe Representative of the Third Person of the Trinity. Creative Daughter Spirit of the local universe of Nebadon, Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, Divine Minister; consort and spiritual companion of Michael; known affectionately throughout Nebadon as Mother.She was created by the Third Person of the Trinity, the Conjoint Actor, also called the Holy Spirit. 
Personalities created by her alone are most numerous. She is the Creator of the seraphic beings within Nebadon, and the bestower of mind as a representative of the Conjoint Actor, as well as her personal influence as the presence of Holy Spirit. She provides the spark of life that animates all life, creatures and plants, on all worlds of Nebadon. 

Nodites - The eighth race to appear on Urantia, descendants of the rebel members of the Prince's staff. They lived in the Mesopotamian region and were the builders of the Tower of Babel. They were superior to the Andonite and Sangik races, and later blended with the Adamites (Adam and Eve skin) to become the Sumerians

Norlatiadek - The name of the Constellation to which our system and 99 other systems belong, for administrative purposes within the local universe of Nebadon. The name of the headquarters world is Edentia and it is surrounded by seventy satellites of socializing culture and training. It is constellation #70 in Nebadon.

Ociliaya is Master Sprit Number Four.  He speaks for the Father and Son creative union and purposes of superuniverse number four called Lanterton.  Lanterton receives the cosmic mind distributed through Ociliaya as well as other energies not discussed in the Urantia Book.

Order of Avonals
Order of Avonals - Beings of perfection created by the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. They serve as Paradise Sons of service to individual planets in the local universes for judicial actions, magisterial missions and as bestowal sons. 

Order of Melchizedeks
Order of Melchizedeks - The joint offspring of the local universe Creator Son, the Creative Spirit, and the Father Melchizedek. They are superb teachers and administrators, serving as chief aids to Gabriel as emergency Sons, and run the 490 spheres of education in orbit around Salvington. There are 10 million Melchizedeks in Nebadon. A group of 12 receivers took charge of Urantia when the Planetary Prince went into rebellion. One of their numbers, Machiventa, was an emergency Son to Urantia to keep the light of truth from going out before the arrival of Jesus. Christ Michael named Machiventa to be Planetary Prince in his stead, and has now put him in charge of the Teaching Mission portion of the Correcting Time. Many Melchizedeks serve in the Teaching Mission as regional Managers, Teachers and trainers of the morontia volunteers.

Order of Michael
Order of Michael - Named for the Original Michael Son, the presiding head of the primary Paradise Sons. Created by the Universal Father and Eternal Son, 700,000 in number, one for each of the local universes in the grand universe. See Creator Sons.

Orvonton - The given name of the seventh superuniverse, in rotation with the other six superuniverses, around the Central and Divine Universe, the Paradise Havona creation of perfection. When complete it will consist of 1 trillion inhabited planets, 10 major sectors (fairly symmetrical star clusters), and 10 trillion suns. Looking through the densest plane of Orvonton, in the direction of Paradise, one sees the Milky Way. Orvonton is not yet complete. Its capitol is Uversa. 

Paradise - The eternal center of all creation, the abode of the Trinity and their divine co-ordinates and associates. It is an immense material creation of magnificent beauty and physical perfection, made of a substance not found elsewhere. It is not spherical, but a flattened ellipsoid, and has three regions, upper, peripheral and nether Paradise. Upper Paradise is divided into various areas for the abodes of Deity and the Spiritual Beings resident on Paradise. Peripheral Paradise has the landing and dispatching fields for visiting spirits and enormous exhibit areas assigned to the Creator Sons. Nether Paradise has to do with space potency and force-energy, a zone that acts like a gigantic heart, pulsating currents of energy to the outermost portions of physical space. All forms of force and all phases of energy are encircuited, traveling throughout the universes and returning through these circuits back to nether Paradise. 

Personality - Personality is the gift of the Father, bestowed as a potentially eternal endowment. It identifies man as a spiritual being, uniquely individualized which allows free will action. It responds to other personalities and to the personality circuit of the Father. It is bestowed before and is independent of the Thought Adjuster, although the Adjuster augments the qualitative manifestation of personality. Personalities are representative of a series, type, order or pattern, but no two are alike. It is that part of an individual that enables recognition of a personCeven if their form has changedCit is recognizable identity. Personality is involved in moral decisions, spiritual choice, truth discernment, unselfish love, altruism, purposeful co-operation, cosmic insight, the grasp of universe meanings, and the personality dedication to do the will of God and to worship him.

Planetary Prince
Planetary Prince - The Life Carriers request a Planetary Prince when a world has developed mortals of will status. At this point, man had been evolving on Urantia for 500,000 years and was still primitive, ruled by animal fear and tribal superstition and in need of training in living and working with others, the beginnings of civilization. Generally it is a Lanonandek Son who is assigned to a planet ready for a civilizational uplift. Although the Planetary Prince is invisible to the humans, his staff is not. The staff sets up schools and teach a variety of skills, such as basic cultivation of the soil, home building, and spiritual culture. The classes are progressive in nature, as the mortals are taught agriculture, food preservation, government, sanitation, pottery, metal working and so on. The students are then sent out amongst their people to share the knowledge. The Prince and his staff normally stay on a world, teaching ever-higher concepts of wisdom, philosophy, brotherhood and religion, until a planet reaches the age of light and life, at which time the Prince is elevated to Planetary Sovereign. Urantia=s Prince Caligastia served admirably for 300,000 years before following his superior, Lucifer, into rebellion and was then removed from his post. The planet went into Melchizedek receivership until Michael finished his 7 bestowals and became Planetary Prince. However, Michael asked Machiventa Melchizedek to serve in his place as Vicegerent. In 2002, Michael promoted Machiventa to be Planetary Prince in his own right.

Predestination - In a sense we are all predestined to reach perfection should we not reject our own ascension careers. That destiny is generally known to become a perfected mortal and to serve the Paradise Deities as a finaliter. However Y Ayou are all divinely inspired. Your choice of how to manifest this inspiration is entirely up to you. You will find that it coincides with your interests, aptitudes and talents. For your life's plan is your Thought Adjuster's life plan. They are one. Would you choose to accept the plan that the Father and your indwelling spirit have developed for you or would you not? And can you ascertain what this plan is? If you do not know what this plan is, ask God.

Prepersonal spirit
Prepersonal spirit - The fragment of God that is sent to indwell man is without personality, its individualization is pre-personal; that is, it came before personality. As the Father fragment aids man to build a survivable soul, the goal is to fuse with that morontial soul, and thereby gain personality expression. At fusion, the mortal and Father Fragment are forever "one," a new spirit creation, inseparable in eternity, each gaining from the other.

Primary midwayers
Primary midwayers - Created beings, which are just outside of our visual range, the primary midwayers serve a valuable role as liaisons between the human and angelic beings. 50,000 were brought into existence by the non-sexual union of the 100 members 50 couples of Prince Caligastia's corporeal staff. They were named according to the order in which they are created, such as 1-2-3 the First, 4-5-6 the First, and so forth. During the Lucifer rebellion, 45 joined with Caligastia in the rebellion and were removed from the planet. The others remained loyal to Christ Michael and joined in service with the Melchizedek Receivers. After the adjudication of the rebellion, the primary midwayers that had accepted Michael's mercy and were rehabilitated were allowed to return to Urantia, once again to serve with their loyal brethren. [See also Midwayers and Secondary Midwayers]

Psychic circles
Psychic circles - These are psychological and spiritual experiential progress levels of the human attainment of personality unity. They begin in youth (about 6 years of age) in the seventh circle and journeying inward to circle number one as mortals achieve self-understanding, self-conquest, and self-mastery. The circles are divine benchmarks to gauge human achievement and no circle is left without the approval of the Thought Adjuster. By the time circle one is achieved, the mortal experiences contact and communion with their Adjuster. These levels of achievement are possible during the mortal lifetime, but will be continued on the mansion worlds if death precedes completion of the circles.

Quarantined worlds
Quarantined worlds - Worlds and systems that participate in rebellion or disloyalty to the Creator Son or to the Trinity are placed in isolation to stop the spread of evil until the Ancients of Days holds court and rules on the matter. Urantia and several other inhabited worlds were placed in quarantine (all communications severed) when Lucifer and Caligastia went into rebellion against the universe government. The isolation continued for 200,000 years, until the adjudication took place in 1985. Our world is now being normalized and brought back into the communication circuits through the action of Michael's Correcting Time.

Quickening of time
  Quickening of time - In the past an event in the local community was the world. In your experience the world is now your local community. Your time frame and your perception are different. You perceive a quickening of time. So, in one respect your statement is correct. The Correcting Time has begun, this is a time for humankind to re-assess, to acknowledge all that is, to understand and accept Consciousness and the Simplicity which is God, and so, in some respect, time as you perceive it to be, shall no longer exist because you will be in God's Time.

  Rebellion - Out of ten thousand systems in the local universe of Nebadon, there have been three rebellions by local system administrators, the last being the one that affected the System of Satania and Urantia. They all occurred before Michael achieved full Sovereignty. Lucifer began as a brilliant and loyal Administrator of the System of Satania, but gradually through evil and error became a believer in self-assertion and liberty, and was able to convince his associate, Satan, and another 37 Planetary Princes to join him in his manifesto to reject universe allegiance, including our Planetary Prince, Caligastia and his associate Daligastia. Through self-deception, Lucifer's pride led him further into deliberate and willful sin. For two years of system time, the rebels were allowed to continue with their scheme, trying to convince other free willed celestial beings to join them. At that point, Lucifer was dethroned and striped of power and the 37 systems that had participated in the rebellion were placed in quarantine, with all connections to the rest of the universe severed to contain the further spread of evil. All participants were offered mercy by Michael if they chose to repent their actions and be rehabilitated. The rebels were allowed to roam freely on the System Capital for 200,000 years until the completion of Michael's seventh and last bestowal. As Michael became Sovereign, he petitioned the Ancients of Days to intern Lucifer on the prison world until the adjudication of the case of Gabriel vs Lucifer. At the end of the trial, those who were found guilty and rejected mercy Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and Daligastia chose annihilation. Following the adjudication, which occurred in the Fall of 1985, the quarantine has been lifted and the quarantined worlds of the System of Satania are being normalized. Since Michael became a Master Son and Sovereign of Nebadon, rebellions by celestial administrators can no longer take place.

Remembrance Supper
Remembrance Supper - The only sacrament that Jesus established was the sharing of bread and wine in remembrance of him. He used parables and symbols to make it difficult for his successors to attach precise interpretations and meanings through traditions and dogma, but his efforts were thwarted by the development of precise interpretations and rigid formulas by the churches that developed in his name. Jesus intention was that his followers would have a simple symbolic rendezvous with him, that the simple act of thinking of him reminds us that he is always present with us through spirit-consciousness.

Revelation - "The technique used to expand the truth in the ascension career. It is the illumination of spiritual teachings, the correction of errors in evolutionary religion, a clarification of knowledge, a synthesis of science and theology to create harmony with spirit and a validation of faith. It unifies science, philosophy, religion and history. Revelations are continuous in the leadings of the Thought Adjuster where it is concerned with eternal realities, survival of personality, and the attainment of Deity. Planetary or epochal revelations occur when there is a stagnation of growth or a near extinction of spiritual truths. Revelation is prohibited from giving unearned or premature knowledge, for over-revelation stifles imagination. AYou are blessed with a revelation placed in your hands [The Urantia book], in this age that has greatly assisted you in soul orientation. You have welcomed this information for it has brought food for the mind, it has brought water for the thirsty soul. We are under the charge of Michael, while dedicated to the mission of transforming Urantia from a world wandering from a lack of planetary administration, are ever sensitive to the most important growth possible within this supreme experience; that is the unfoldment of your spiritual potential as personalities, the emergence of your soul, your ultimate gift to the Father.

Sacred worlds
Sacred worlds - This phrase refers to the 21 satellites in three orbits between the Isle of Paradise and the billion worlds of Havona, and are part of the Central Universe. There are seven worlds for each person of Deity Father, Son and Spirit. These worlds hold the secrets of Deity and are closed to spirit beings unless they have a purpose for being there. For example, Divinington is the home of the Thought Adjusters and other beings created exclusively by the Father; no other beings are allowed there. Ascendington is only open to the perfected ascending creatures of space; it will be our home for a period of time until we attain Paradise status. Spiritington is the Paradise home of the high beings of the Infinite Spirit, and so on.

Salvington - The capitol of the Local Universe of Nebadon and the abode of Christ Michael and the Divine Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, our universe parents. Upon graduation from the Constellation training worlds of culture, the pilgrims of ascension study on the 490 satellites of Salvington, for university training in spirituality.

Sanobim - A category of the lowest order of ministering spirits. On Urantia they assist the guardian angels or other seraphim in their duties. Each sanobim is more passive than their partners, the cherubim, as their innate functions are complementary. They are created by the Mother Spirit as needed and there are more than 500 million pairs of them in Nebadon. They are capable of ascending to the status of seraphim, and many are mansion world teachers. 

Satan - He was a primary Lanonandek Son of great brilliance, the First Lieutenant of Lucifer, who followed his superior into rebellion. He refused the mercy and rehabilitation offered by Michael, and was annihilated at the close of the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. On Urantia there is much confusion concerning Satan, Lucifer and the Devil; they are frequently linked into one being, called the Anti-Christ. In reality, Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and Daligastia were individual Lanonandek Sons, who joined together in the plan for rebellion. None of them ever were capable of invading normal mortal minds or souls of free will standing, without the mortal or spirit being=s expressed desire to be aligned with their presence and wickedness. Being a faith son of God is effective armor against evil, sin and iniquity. 

Satania - The name for the system in which our planet resides. Urantia was the 606th planet to become inhabited within this system. It is not yet complete in formation, having only 619 inhabited worlds of the 1000 projected inhabited planets. The capitol is an architectural world called Jerusem, which is surrounded by the 49 worlds comprising the mansion worlds and their associated spheres of training for the new morontial students of the system. Lucifer was the original System Sovereign, but after he caused the rebellion, he was deposed and replaced later by Lanaforge, a loyal Lanonandek Son who refused to follow his superior into rebellion.

Seconaphim - Produced by the Reflective Spirits in groups of seven: One, a primary Seconaphim, is assigned to the Ancients of Days; three secondary Seconaphim are assigned to the administrators of the superuniverse governments; and three tertiary Seconaphim are attached to the ascendant Trinitized associates of the superuniverse rulers. These specialized beings are Aliving mirrors for instant communication between government rulers over vast distances in space.

Seraphim - The order of Seraphim are the angels we have come to know in literature and story. A large category of beings created by the local universe Mother Spirit (representative of the Holy Spirit) that serve in a myriad of ways throughout a local universe. At the time the Urantia Book was presented to Urantia, there were 500 million pairs of seraphim on the planet. They are the angels of the local universe, providing various forms of ministry, and as they ascend through the Superuniverse to the Corps of Seraphic Completion, they may become specialists in many areas, such as Brilliant Evening Stars, celestial artisans, Paradise Companions, Trinitized Sons, and even finaliters along with us. 

Seraphington - One of the 21 sacred spheres of the Divine Universe, the destiny for the ministering angelic hosts. One of the secrets of this sphere is the mystery of seraphic transport. The achievement of Seraphington for the seraphim far transcends mortals attaining eternal survival; it is the eternal goal of all the angels.

Serara aka Monjoronson
The name given to the Avonal Son who has been designated to work on Urantia for the next thousand years or so.  His work is to be providing Michael of Nebadon the wherewithal to provide Urantia its place in the neighborhood of the family of planets in the System of Satania.  His name reflects the universe wish to become the first Avonal Son to have at his disposal the Creator Son, and to be provided the last of the Magisterial Son’s attributions as a bestower in the flesh of his nature.  Serara, and up until recently, he was known as Monjoronson, has signaled this is the last ever incarnation he will undertake in the universes of time.  He will thereafter be known as a Master Avonal and given all power on earth and heaven to speak to those who have had bestowal Avonal Sons on their planets.  His name means “Peace and Good Will”, and in the universe language of time, his work demands all obedience to his work as he proceeds to finish his work in time as Serara.

An Order of Sonship not revealed on Urantia until the advent of the coming of Michael, known as the Second Return.  This Order of Sonship originates on Uversa in the outer rim of planets dedicated to the planetar problems in various sectors of Orvonton.  Her Order is referred to using the feminine pronouns and they incarante when required as females of the species on the planet which they may appear on as advocates of human difficulties that require immediate attention and correction.  Serena has been a spokesman for the Magisterial Mission since 2004 and may be found by using her name to search the transcirpts on this web site (  She will officiate in the flesh on Urantia when Monjoronson signals that She and her associates (a total of 12 in number for the Magisterial Son Mission) may join the staff of humans being planned for during the mission's early work on Urantia.

Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits
Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits - Children of the Universe Mother Spirit, represent the functioning of the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit. They condition the course of organic evolution and accompany the Life Carriers. They are not entities, but more like circuits as they minister to creature mind. The first five Adjutants the spirits of intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, and counsel minister to the lower levels of experiential minds (animals and humans), and the last two the spirits of worship and wisdom operate only in mortal minds with spiritual potential. Mind prior to the capacity to learn from experience, is ministered to by the Master Physical Controllers.

Master Spirit Number One who is the Voice of the Universal Father to the time space creations. Siraya supplies Superuniverse Number One, called Orillington, with cosmic mind and oversees the population centers of Orillingrton through the control of energy and other means not defined in the Urantia Book.

Sleeping Survivors
Sleeping Survivors - Upon the death of a mortal, as the body is left behind, the guardian seraphim and the Thought Adjuster take possession for safe-keeping, that mortal's identity the personality, mind matrix, soul, memories, knowledge of spiritual values and meaningsCuntil that identity is resurrected on Mansion World #1 in a new morontia form. Depending on the mortal's level of spiritual achievement at the time of death, their state of being Asleeping survivors will last either three days or until the next dispensation or millennial resurrection, when they will be given a new material body and their identity returned as they awaken as a new morontial being, ready to begin the next step of their eternal career.

Solitarington - A sacred world within the Central Universe devoted to the beings created by the Universal Father and Infinite Spirit, the home of Solitary Messengers and some of the other superangelic orders, as well as the Universe Power Directors. 

Son-fused beings
Son-fused beings - Mortals fused with individualized bestowals of the Creator Son, an opportunity for the few individuals who fail at fusion with their Father fragment. They become citizens of the superuniverse, but frequently journey to Paradise on assignment.

Sonarington - Paradise home for the Sons of the Eternal Son, his associate and co-ordinate Sons

Sovereign Son
Sovereign Son - A Creator Son who has satisfactorily completed his seven bestowal experiences, whereby he lives and experiences the lives of the orders of beings that he, himself has created, in co-operative subordination to the Paradise Trinity. Although he could continue to rule the local universe of his own creation as vicegerent if he were to decline the bestowal experiences, the Creator Sons invariably choose the bestowal path. At the completion of their bestowals, they become Master Sons and earn sovereignty in their own right, with their rulership forever unquestioned, who then rules as the supreme representative of the Paradise Trinity, with maximum authority. In part, this means that there can never be a rebellion to his authority once he has achieved sovereignty. 

Spirit of God
Spirit of God - All spirit forces are one in function, regardless of plurality of origin, as all are part of the ministry of God the Sevenfold. 

Spirit of Truth
Spirit of Truth - The spiritual endowment received from our Creator Son, used as a teacher, a helper to mankind to assist in growing, expanding, unfolding, and adapting to truth. Divine truth is spirit-discerned, existing on high levels of spirit attainment. Truth at the mortal level is relative and constantly changing; living truth is dynamic and its existence is experiential in the human mind. Jesus, at the time of Pentecost, sent his Spirit of Truth to live within the hearts of man, to help us in all aspects of our growth, to teach us to love, to perceive divine truths, to interpret our lessons of learning, to develop universe insight and wisdom, and to help us become dominated by truth-conviction. The Spirit of Truth brings a new enhanced fellowship with Michael, to experiencing the truth of sonship with God. The acceptance of this gift from Michael is the Abaptism of the spirit. Man is now influenced by a threefold spiritual endowment: The spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; and the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

Spirit poisons
Spirit poisons - The mental poisons of fear, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion, intolerance, as well as the physical poisons that pollute the tabernacle of the indwelling Thought Adjuster, seriously affect the spiritual progress of the evolving soul. 

Spirit-Fused - These beings are not adjuster fusion candidates, although they possess a Thought Adjuster during their mortal career, at death they fuse with an individualization of the Divine Minister and remain attached to the Local Universe. 

Spiritington - The Paradise home for the high beings that exclusively represent the Infinite Spirit, the Seven Master Spirits and their offspring. The secrets of reflectivity are kept on this sacred sphere.

Spiritual growth
Spiritual growth - This is the maturation of the soul, beginning at the first moral decision that brings the Thought Adjuster to indwell the mind, and continues throughout the ascension to perfection. Encountering difficulties is essential, as faith must be vigorously exercised. Although continuously aided by the ever-faithful Adjuster, the mortal is in charge, always making the decisions that lead to advancement, or arresting growth by being satisfied with small attainments and complacency. To advance, man must be devoted to supreme values, to depend on knowledge and wisdom, to be steadfast in the search for God, to be invigorated by difficulties, to be unified in personality by love, and to maintain balance between the growth of the intellect and the growth of the soul.  

Splandon - The major sector that Nebadon belongs to; the headquarters world is called Umajor the fifth. It has 70 satellites for advanced intellectual studies. 

Stillness - The gradual practice of locking the mind to spirit, a technique or tool for the mind to make contact, to commune with the internal Thought Adjuster. When you recognize that your mind is overextended and scattered, that is a signal that you have need of contact with your Father. Seek through the practice of stillness, that quiet communion with Father, while he nurtures you, fills you with divine love, answers your deep longings, and gives you what your Asoul needs, needs that you may not be aware of enough to ask. Stillness is a personality state of being, it is a focus on the Father, a preparation of the mind and body for the soul to enter into sanctuary and communion; it heightens sensitivity to the divine presence of the internal God fragment. Once you have mastered the art of continuous God consciousness, of being able to quickly commune with the Father at will, as did Jesus, then the technique of stillness may no longer be necessary, however it may remain valuable for those deeper longings of personal contact with Father.

Sumerians - Peoples living in the Mesopotamian region 200,000 years ago, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers left a fertile delta ideal for farming. They learned much from the Planetary Prince's staff in the city of Dalamatia, located in that area, concerning the growing of crops, domestication of animals, metal working, advanced pottery techniques, and the first use of written language. They became a superior culture and were greatly respected as teachers and civil rulers. 

Supernaphim - The offspring of the Infinite Spirit, created in 3 separate orders: The primary order are the angels of Paradise, serving as companions and technical advisors, or as conductors of worship, custodians of knowledge, interpreters of ethics, and masters of philosophy. The secondary order, the angels of Havona, serve as counselors and advisors, Father guides and pilgrim helpers, supremacy guides and trinity guides. The tertiary order serve as custodians of records, broadcasters, harmony supervisors, intelligence co-coordinators, messengers, transport personalities, and the reserve corps. 

Superuniverses - There are seven gigantic superuniverses in a counterclockwise procession around the Divine Central Universe of Paradise perfection. Each of the seven is subdivided into 10 major sectors, 1000 minor sectors, and 100,000 local universes. We are part of superuniverse number seven called Orvonton. When seen from the outer edge, looking toward the Isle of Paradise, superuniverse number seven has the shape of a spiral arm of a galaxy, but it contains the entire Milky Way galaxy at its center. Its length and width far exceeds its depth, having all of its mass in a slightly flattened plane, with no material mass above or below this plane. Our local universe of Nebadon is out towards the periphery of Orvonton, in a region with other unfinished creations. 

Supreme Being
Supreme Being - This is a very simple explanation of a very complex subject: The Paradise Deities functioning as the Trinity created a time lord, the Supreme Being to provide a focus point, a living repository, for all the experiences of time and then tasked the Supreme Being to unify that experience into universal values. With the help of the Supreme Being, infinity itself will somehow be refocused to include the actual living experience of every single person to appear in time. The Supreme Creators, which include the Paradise Sons and Daughters and others, who belong to this group, work with the Supreme to improve the experiential values of themselves and their children for the benefit of the Supreme.

Teaching Mission
Teaching Mission - The teaching mission, conceived by Michael 2000 years ago, is Part II of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Urantia. The first part is The Urantia Book, the text book for the correcting of the gaps in our universe education; the teaching mission is the individualized portion where the mortals are given the opportunity to work on any self-correction that we have need of because of the failures of earlier revelations to give us the necessary foundation for our spiritual growth. In the process of learning what we need to know for our own spiritual growth and universe education, we become teachers to those coming up behind us, our mortal brothers and sisters, who are ready to learn those lessons that we have already learned. This is the pattern of the universe first we are students, then we teach what we have learned to others for a time before becoming students again for the next series of lessons.

Tertiaphim - These are high angels, children of the Infinite Spirit and personalized on Paradise in groups of 1,000 as gifts to the Creator Sons when they begin the organization of their local universe. They continue as Son assistants until the arrival of the first-born of the new universe, who will serve as the Michael Son's chief executive. They then take residence on the superuniverse capitol and serve as liaison ministers between the Creator Son and the Ancients of Days.

The Scribe
The Scribe - This is a personalized Adjuster that once indwelt Jesus on his earth bestowal. "My name is unpronounceable, my number of great length. You may call me The Scribe."   This Sananda is not to be confused with the secular Sananda Maitreya- a music group- nor with the Sananda or Maitreya publicized by Benjamin Creme as an incarnated and divine world teacher. But the Sananda discussed here was the indwelling spirit (see Thought Adjuster) of the Damascus Scribe, a name used to identify a great teacher in Syria who was none other than Jesus himself before his work in Palestine began. Sananda is a Personalized Thought Adjuster who has chosen to also use the identification, "The Scribe". Personalized Adjusters are a powerful order of spiritual beings that transcend time and space and whose universe work is essentially un-revealed.

Thought Adjusters
Thought Adjusters - These discrete spirit presences are the pre-personal fragments of the Universal Father which hail from Divinington, and arrive to indwell the mortal of their choosing at the moment the mortal signifies soul potential by making their first moral decision, which is usually around the age of five years old. Although equal in endowment of existential divinity, they may vary in the amount of experience they have accumulated by prior indwellings in non-fusion candidates. The more experienced Adjusters go to the minds of those mortals who have a higher type of mind potential and spiritual capacity, based on personality and hereditary forecasts. Once an Adjuster is assigned to a mortal, the relationship continues as the Adjuster works with the mortal mind to create a new mind for your eternal career as a spirit being with uplifting and advancing illumination of spiritual ideals. Other names for Thought Adjusters are Thought Controllers and Mystery Monitors.

Transmitting/Receiving (TR or T/R, also TRing)
Transmitting/Receiving (TR or T/R, also TRing) - It is the method of communication being used between the celestial teachers and the mortals of Urantia. It is a state of conscious awareness rather than a trance-like state; the mortal willfully disengages the normal activity of the mind, suspends active thought process and listens and repeats the words or concepts that come through from the celestial teacher. This takes practice and trust, which is built up through time. It is necessary to be willing to set the ego aside, to serve as a voice for the celestial being, knowing that there is nothing to fear. The teachers who have been accepted for this work are all loyal to Christ Michael and the Eternal Father, have been carefully trained by the Melchizedeks, and strictly adhere to the mandate that they are to do us no harm, nor violate our free will in any manner. The Thought Adjuster is further protection and assurance that this process will bring no harm to us or to others. As the mortal mind is fully conscious, s/he may break the contact at any moment if the mortal feels at all uncomfortable about repeating the teacher's words for any reason whatsoever. In the beginning, the mortal's most common fear is that they are not certain that they are hearing the teacher's words accurately, and may therefore be hesitant about saying them. The teachers are quite patient and understanding with these beginning steps at learning the process. Always are the mortals treated with respect and tender loving care by all celestials engaged in this Correcting Time/ Teaching Mission activity.

Trinity - In the administration of universes the Father, Son and Spirit are perfectly and eternally interassociated. Though each is engaged in a personal ministry to all creation, all three are divinely and absolutely interlocked in a service of creation and control which forever makes them one. [UB, Paper 8, sec. 6.6] [p. 96] The Paradise Trinity can act separately (Father, Son, Spirit), as combinations of any two of them (Father-Son, Son-Spirit, Father-Spirit), or as all three together (Father-Son-Spirit), making a total of 7 Deity manifestations. In the seven superuniverses, each one of these Deity manifestations is represented by a separate superuniverse. Superuniverse number seven, Orvonton, the one we inhabit, is manifested as a representation all three Deities, the Father, Son, and Spirit. 

Trinity Teacher Sons
Trinity Teacher Sons - These are the  Divine Sons created by all three aspects of the Paradise Trinity. They are of the order of Daynals. There are more than 21 billion of these beings, and more will be created as needed. The Teacher Sons are concerned with moral enlightenment and spiritual development. At a distant future time, Urantia will receive a Trinity Teacher Son.

Universal Father
Universal Father - The Universal Father is God, known on our planet by many different names and concepts, and is in essence the First Source and Center, the creator of ALL that there is, the one and only uncaused reality, the source of all material, all energy, all spirit reality. Besides being the Controller, the Upholder of ALL that exists, ever has existed, or ever will exist, he is also known as the First Person of Deity, a loving, compassionate and merciful Father, a personality worthy of our love, adoration, devotion and worship. 

Universe Broadcasts
Universe Broadcasts - Celestial circuits of communication, used between worlds and administrative centers, and used by all of the higher orders of celestial beings, assisted by tertiary Supernaphim, who can transmit 144,000 messages simultaneously, and are available to all parts of the universe, even to individual planets, except those in quarantine. Since the adjudication, Urantia is now being re-encircuited to receive these broadcasts; it will be a slow process so as not to overwhelm and frighten the people of Urantia. The Celestial Musicians can use these circuits as well. On Jerusem, the System headquarters world, the inhabitants gather at the receiving stations, in enormous amphitheaters during their leisure time to listen to the messages that come in continuously from all parts of the universe. One of the favorite topics of interest is to hear about what is happening on Urantia, the AWorld of the Cross.@ Without assistance, the inhabitants of Urantia would be unable to understand the language of Uversa, and we would be further hampered by the lack of morontial extended senses, above the five that we have on our natal sphere, however even this is subject to change as mortals may begin blending their mortal bodies with their morontial abilities while still on Urantia and can thus increase their capacities and capabilities if their Adjuster deems them ready, being balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Urantia - Although we have called our world :Earth, the rest of the Universe calls our planet Urantia. It has been known as such, long before there were inhabitants able to communicate with a spoken language. The name takes origin from the Planetary Supreme who arrived with the Life Carriers to implant life, and who is named Urantia.

Urantia Book, The
Urantia Book, The - The Fifth Epochal Revelation is the plan of our Sovereign Creator Son, Michael, with the blessings of the Eternal Father, as remediation for the dual faults of our planetary administration, the rebellion of our Planetary Prince along with the evils unleashed by Lucifer, and the later default of our Material Son/Daughter, Adam and Eve. For 200,000 years, Urantia has been in conceptual poverty, languishing in spiritual darkness, and this text is given us to help repair that tremendous gap in our knowledge, and to help our world be uplifted to its rightful place in Michael's universe. Michael did much to help our understanding when he came here as Jesus, but the peoples of Urantia have become even more divided in their religious beliefs and intolerant of each other as equal children of the same benevolent God. This text, very complete and accurate about our place in the universe and our standing before the Creator of all, was given to the mortals of Urantia with love, to be shared with all peoples of our world. Its purpose is to bring unity out of division, joy out of pain, and love out of hatred.

Urantia Receivers
When Urantia was taken over by forces loyal to Lucifer, the Planetary Prince, Caligastia, cooperated with the rebel chief, only to be deposed by the Creator Son on his bestowal as Jesus.  Upon Caligastia’s removal, twelve Melchizedek Sons arrived as care keepers of the spiritual government until such time a new Planetary Prince would arrive.  While waiting for a new Planetary Prince, Urantia was governed with the aid of these 12 Melchizedek Sons      
Malvantra   Mantecha   Monsanloran   Mancortia   Mandelphi   Manturgia   Mamonjonlarson   Manluermia   Mantumia   Malcormutia   Monjeremiah   Machiventa Melchizedek

Uversa - Uversa is the headquarters sphere of the seventh superuniverse of Orvonton. It is surrounded by 490 worlds of specialized training. We will eventually be residents of this sphere for a time while we prepare for our ascension toward Havona and Paradise.

WAVE, a male-type entity, and his associate, Light ( a remale-type entity), were jointly commissioned by Father fusion of potentials with humans in teaching mission groups. 
They took origin in the early 2000's of Urantia's present calendar, and have no directly assigned duties to perform until Monjoronson arrives in the flesh. Their work while mostly confidential to the Magisterial Son, is as liaison personalities between the staff of Monjoronson (and to and with the future Jesus when he returns with Monjoronson in later years), and mortals of the realm who need direct and personal attention in order to become serving members of the Light Teams to be established everywhere around Urantia.
 The personal name of an unrevealed morontia order taking origin on Urantia on April 28, of 2005. WAVE and his siblings are Adjuster indwelt and have many human characteristics with bodies of morontia-energy forms. They are personalized by the Father in liaison with the human will and hence partake of the human nature as well as of the divine will of the Father. Many more of this order are projected to be personalized. In 2006, a sister morontia being was personalized on August 21, 2006 and given the name of LIGHT. WAVE and LIGHT, and all others to follow them, will act as liaisons between mortals and the invisible staffs of Urantia's Magisterial Son, the Planetary Prince, and the specialized work of Christ Michael on Urantia. Their additional work assignments are unknown.

Will (Free)
Will (free) - Free will is a gift from the Universal Father to his mortal children, and no celestial personality has the power or authority to abridge it'even the Father will not violate a mortal's free will. Through this gift, mortals are able to make moral decisions and spiritual choices, experience unselfish love and purposeful co-operation, achieve cosmic insight, dedicate the personality to the doing of the Father's will, and to worship the divine'all by free will choice. Man must be fallible if he is to be free, and errors are inevitable. Mortals have a predetermined destination through the leading of their Adjuster, but no mortal is bound to follow this plan or any part of it, even to the point of choosing to reject survival. Experiencing early tribulations from misuse of liberty leads to higher loyalty as an end result, and the act of making many decisions and coping with the consequences leads to great wisdom in finaliters. Only other mortals on the worlds of nativity can abrogate the free will of another person, but they cannot interfere with that person's eternal survival.  

Wisdom - Mortals go through ascending levels of wisdom:  The knowledge of things, the realization of meanings, the appreciation of values, the nobility of work/duty, the motivation of goals/morality, the love of service/character, and cosmic insight or spiritual discernment. Through the attainment of these levels, a slow, sometimes painful accumulation of experiences, one becomes truly God conscious, which in turn leads to worship. Wisdom is cumulative and can be taught to future generations.